Institutional law and government

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Comment 1

Outsourcing commonwealth powers to private entities has been outlined as major issue with more advantages than disadvantages. The paper views outsourcing as a better alternative that leads to improved services and enhances relationships between different sectors of the economy. The formed partnerships develop collaborative efforts that improve performance. This has been clearly outlined in the example given of Canberra International Airport being fully privatized in 1998. Outsourcing is normally done in contracts and in case of non-performance the contract can always be terminated or not renewed (Janina and Weeks 30).

Comment 2

Post-detention sentences were law formed by politicians and supported by the media and public based on public concern. The paper describes the post detention sentence as sentences that offend a number of fundamental values. This is because a person should be punished for crimes committed only. The answer is comprehensive because it also outlines the various alternatives available to this type of sentencing. Giving New Zealand as an example with the lowest recidivism rates for serious child sex offences is an effective method that shows the need to change the sentences and introduce a better rehabilitation scheme. According to statistics most sex offenders have a low recidivism rate and therefore post-detention laws are unfair and in most cases unjust (Zgoba and Leonore 156).

Comment 3

The fact that a behavior is legal does not necessarily make it ethical. In a competitive environment like the institutions given in the answer, ethical standards are not upheld so much because of the adversarial nature of the industry. In the business world, it is easy to justify an unethical profitable conduct that is legal. However, professional institutions have a set code of conduct that governs behaviors and provide checks and balances for all employees at different levels (MacDonald 2016)

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