Institutional and Organizational Structures Essay Example

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Institutional and Organizational Structures

Australian Institute for sport is also an organization that plays an essential role in promoting sports in Australia and this includes basketball (Australian Institute for Sports, 2014). Australian Basketball Association is responsible for organizing the basketball at the junior level in Australia. It usually works closely with the National Basketball League for the purposes of identifying talents. In Australia, the National basketball League is the organization that is responsible for organizing basketball game in Australia in the national league. The organization manages eight professional teams with seven from Australia and one from New Zealand. It works closely with the other organizations and partners. iiNet is the organization that is in charge of sponsoring the activities of the National basketball league.

Institutional and Organizational Structures

National Basketball league logo

Network Ten and Sky sport is the official broadcasting stations for the National basketball league games (National Basketball League, 2014). Women’s National Basketball League is responsible for the organization of women basketball in Australia. The governing body in Australia in terms of the managing basketball is Basketball Australia. This organization is responsible for the management of basketball in Australia. The organization also has to work with other international organizations that are responsible for the management of sports at the global level. FIBA is the organization that is responsible for governing basketball at the international level. This organization is also responsible for developing the standards that all the clubs worldwide should adopt. FIBA is based in Switzerland and all the basketball organizations must follow all the regulations that it puts in place. All the organizations usually work closely for the purposes of ensuring that the sport is developed.

Organizational structure Melbourne United

Melbourne United is a basketball team that is competing in the National Basketball League. It is also the oldest basketball team in Australian and it was established in 1931. The team has been a champion for four times in the National Basketball league. The current owners of the club are Michael Slepoy and Larry Kestelman. The team is headed by a team manager who is Vince Crivelli (Melbourne United, 2014). The Coach is responsible for coaching the team and the current coach is Chris Anstey. The club also has other department that is responsible for the daily operations of the club.

Institutional and Organizational Structures 1

Melbourne Club Logo

The medical department is headed by a director and is responsible for the health needs of the team. The Media department is responsible for coordinating with the press during the matches and any other activity that is related to the press. The media department is also responsible for communication with the funs and the press. The company has a financial department that is responsible for dealing with the financial needs of the club. The security department is responsible for the coordination of security issues and ensuring that the funs and the player are safe during the matches. The club has been able to achieve a lot of success due to the efficiency of its organizational structure. The organizational structure of the club is however flexible depending on the immediate needs.

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