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Institution Name, Location

World War Z


There is not much to explain about the disaster in a disaster that is explicated by the film world war Z, the film is a direct adaptation of the Max Brook’s novel dubbed the outstanding zombie, although it is not actually based on the book, which at the moment we have not dared to explain. The fundamental recap of the film is that the rights of the film aroused a war of bidding between companies that were willing to produce. The companies were owned by two veterans Leonardo DiCaprio and the famous Brat Pitt. Leonardo DiCaprio was so aggressive and he finally managed to secure the rights to produce the film. This was the only positive revelation concerning the doomed production of the film (Brooks Max, 2010).

The film World War Z that hats numerously hit the news on its heavy budget that does not really match its value and the fact that it has experienced many problems with it production, the fans that have been waiting eagerly for its production and launch have turned to be highly skeptical about the film and its prospects, we are continuously complaining and crying about the movie, although many have not seen it. Someone finally got an opportunity to see it in wwz clips, he managed to see the first few minutes and this shows that we still have a lot to complain about (Giannetti, 2008).

The footage of the film starts with Brad Pitt and his family of two daughters and their mother stack in traffic jam within Philly. Just as the family was having fun playing guessing games that was meant to pass time, the radio suddenly announced some breaking news of rabies infections that were spreading rapidly throughout the world. Immediately sound of sirens are heard and seen was a cop that was riding on a motorcycle a racing in between the cars that were totally gridlocked in the streets, he unceremoniously knocked the rearview mirror of Brad’s car. Just as Brad was getting out the in an attempt to retrieve the broken parts, he noticed a commotion in a short distance ahead and suddenly there was a deafening explosion within the same location of commotion. At this juncture it is very unclear what caused the explosion, one can relate it to jet sounds or any other thing thought of. This is due to the fact that the sound mix was totally unfinished. At this point everyone began to panic and another policeman riding on a motorcycle passed by, he yelled at Brad to get back into his car and just as he gets in a semi nailed the policeman and continued with its journey knocking the vehicles out if his way(Brooks Max, 2010).

Immediately Pitt made a decision to follow in the wake that was left by the truck, as chaos continued to erupt in the surrounding area, he speed with his family down the streets. As he drove off with speed, helicopters are seen flying over, people were panicking running around the streets loudly screaming. He is distracted with the daughters and he got into smashup within the intersection. Just as the family was stumbling and consoling each other that it was okay, we see rampaging and very fast zombies chasing after people one of the zombies jumped onto the hood of the car and smashed its heads on the windshield and it shattered immediately, it dragged out the driver of the vehicle and started biting him (Gannett, 2008).

Mise-en-scene is all that happens and is seen in the front of the camera and its provisions that include the composition, actors, sets, costumes, props and lighting. Together with cinematography and editing, they greatly influence the verisimilitude that the film will create in the eyes of the fans (Brooks Max, 2010). Some design elements in the world war z movie have been used well especially when the family was having good time playing the guessing games and the change in their states of minds immediately the news are announced and commotion happened. Mise-en-scene is responsible for the general look of the film, it makes the movies either interesting or boring. World war z depicts total chaos and death within this short period, the whole death and panic scenario is can be referred to as dead generic. Through mise-en-scene it sends a picture to the fun that the film has superhuman quick Gonzales zombies. The whole horror in the movie will leave most people thinking negatively about its nature. After seeing the first three minutes sequence they will get into the theater thinking that they are going to watch the worst movie ever (Brooks Max, 2010).

Sound is used in film production to emphasize in some of the artistic contents; it refers to the entire hierarchy of element of sound that surrounds all the disciplines of production. In world war z hard sounds that include sounds of cars driving and weapons being fired. The sound in this film are totally horrific, people screaming all over the place, weapons fired and cars racing around make the intensity of sounds high and horrific. The background sounds of the movie clearly indicate the settings mainly for the audience. They help in enhancing the horrific sounds within the background (Brooks Max, 2010).

Cinematography is known to be a form of art in making of films; it is a science that entails motion pictures in photography. It is a technique that used in filming, it including the shooting and also the development of the film. In the world war z cinematography as an art is used technically. The explosion that is heard within a short distance and it not clear where it is coming from makes the fun speculate on what is happening and crates suspense. The semi that nails the motorcycle and yet it continues to racing makes uses cinematography as a science (Gannett, 2008).

Editing of movies is the process of preparing the audibility, written and visual aspects that help in conveying of information in the film. It involves condensation, correction, and many other modifications that make the film more attractive to the audience. Editing aims at producing more consistent, complete, correct and precise work. Editing as it has been used in world war z is totally perfect, the precision, correctness and perfection of the editing process is seen by the consistency of events from the beginning where Brad’s family was enjoying themselves to the point where they crash (Gannett, 2008).


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