Innovation and creative thinking

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Literal thinking

This is problem, solving by way of indirect as well as creative methodology by use of reasoning that is not directly evident as well as engaging ideas that might not be accessible with the use of merely customer procedural logic.

Strength and weakness

It provide precise summary as long as there is appropriate premises. Given that the premises are similar, whatever deduction approach might employ, or whoever else consider it, normally concludes at the similar situations. The approach is traceable since one can record or trace the path of thinking as well as approve it for logical rightness.

Very specific input is autonomous. Where any of the appropriate premises is absent or wrong, one will depict the wrong summary. It is hard since the mind of human being is not focused towards complicated, ideal and steady rational considerations. Hence more intricate reasoning will be which would lead to high likelihood of logical mistake and exclusion. failures in chaotic or vague situation where is too many premises a swell as a slight change in any premises might make a large dissimilarity in the resulted, which is frequently correct in many reality, logical thinking fails many times as a result of autonomous input[ CITATION Nga13 l 1033 ].

How lateral thinking helped in solving Ecommerce problem at Woolworth

Lateral thinking was important in solving the ecommerce problems experienced in Woolworth stores since, it aid us in using our imagination to perceive problems in a fresh approach as well as develop a fresh resolutions. Devoid of lateral thinking, Woolworth cannot enhance as well as create latest products. They are merely stuck with doing similar old thins, possibly more effectively unlike before, but the company is not in a position to lead the path. Lateral thinking made use consider having fresh workforce from graduate individual in order to bring in new idea and bring changes to the company Ecommerce system. We used a system of indirect and innovative methodology and reasoning that is evident and engaging ideas that might not be assessable with the use of normal procedural logics[ CITATION Bon02 l 1033 ].


Literal thinking is the capacity to presume creatively or outside the box. It entails the use of motivation and mind’s eye resolve problem by perceiving the problem from unanticipated point of view. Lateral thinking entails disposing the customer models of thoughts, and presumptions. This was beneficial since, it aids in solving the ecommerce problems experienced in Woolworth effectively and on time which leads to improved productivity. Lateral thinking was beneficial to our problems since, the tool aid in asking the question: Why in a non-threaten manner. The outcome is an apparent comprehension of “why” which normally would lead to new ideas the objectives is to be in position of challenging anything, not merely items that are problems[ CITATION Edw13 l 1033 ].

Individual reflection on the use of Deliberate Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is the procedure of coming up with latest ideas or methodology to business. New Ideas might lead to latest product. They might as well as lead to new procedure that cuts expense or improved standards. New ideas provide business with competitive edge and aiding making the good and services improved and demanded more in the market.

How it impacted the quality of team thinking,

Creativities thinking lead to constant change of ideas and thus creativity doesn’t need to be built from new thing to word, it is more to with new thing to us. With the use of unique techniques, it leads to merge of an assortment of ideals to spark new insights as well as procedure. Brainstorming is the unique, but usually it commence with unoriginal ideas. Creation of products exists faster with the use of deliberated techniques unlike accidents. Individuals are known for being innovative use of the techniques but aren’t war of that they are doing it since they have informal training skills. With h use of deliberate at the time of superior brainstorming time, then it will lead to more creativity since, there is constant creativity with optimize accidental and deliberate creative thinking[ CITATION Edw101 l 1033 ].

How might be of personal benefit

It might of personal benefit since the capacity to think clearly and reason is significant in what we consider to do. If an individual works in any field, then critical thinking will evidently be significant. But critical aptitude is not limited to a specific subject area. Being in a position to think rightful solve the problem methodically is a resource for any vocation. The creative thinking come with apparent and methodically might enhance the approach to the manner to which individual express their ideas. In getting to know the manner to which the logical structure of text, critical thinking enhances understanding abilities[ CITATION Nga13 l 1033 ].

What gained, learnt, found challenging, etc. during the team project.

What I gain from team project is the power or brainstorming since, as a result of brainstorming, I learned many new things and we generated more ideas that were important for the project. I came to realise that that there is need for creative thinking since, it expands our thinking capacity which in turn give room for creativity. What I found more challenging is how to manage a group since. We experienced communication skis inadequacy which made out project to be slow. Furthermore, time fast is a big challenge; our group tend to focus on one point for long and thus depicted a big challenge to the project completions time[ CITATION Bon02 l 1033 ].


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