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Infоrmаtiоn Тесhnоlоgy


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3Executive summary


4Answers to Lalith question on the sales analysis

6A graph showing the questions and answers

7Recommendation on how to improve data visibility



Executive summary

This professional report gives detailed of the SRKLE company sales analysis and a recommendation on what the company should do to improve its sales and optimize its business opportunities. The report gives brief answers or solutions to questions that Lalith posed. The report is meant to give an insight to the sales analysis that were done on the company’s sells.There were fourteen question asked meant to guide the analysis. The report will give a brief answer to each question.

In addition, the report will give a suggestion on methods that can be used to improve visibility of the sales data in the excel file. It will also give a suggestion of an alternative management information system that can be used to manage the sales in SRKLE Company.


This research paper tries to bring out my in-depth understanding of the course by analysis the sales data of SRKL electronics which is captured, stored and shared using excel in different department. SRKL electronics (SRKLE) is a distributor of electrical and electronic goods to 10 small shops in Australia. This company is centrally located in Waterloo, Sydney. The office is above the warehouse. The office is divided into several cubicles from which the administration, sales, service, purchases, and other departments operate. Each department has their own computers and almost all of the business information is stored in Excel Spread Sheets. The way of information exchange generally is by swapping excel spread sheets. The paper will also give suggestion on ways of improving data visibility and other information management system that can be used in the company.

Answers to Lalith question on the sales analysis

The first question asked by Lalith was concerning the customer who buys the highest number of goods from the shop. The excel analysis did show that the best customer by is identified by looking at a customer with the highest number of sales. The analysis revealed that that Tasmanian trader the records that high by buying goods worth $906,581.00. The analysis also revealed that the same company is also the best by total profit posting a total of $325,080.00. The analysis also showed that the worst customer by both total sales and total profit is Consolidated Messenger, posting $100,675.00 and $10,813.00 respectively.

According to the analysis, the best selling product by total sales is TransMemory 16GB posting $459,354.00 while the best selling product by total profit is Ship shaped USB 16GB producing total of $224,756.00. On the other hand, the worst selling product by total sale is 16GB Flash Drive posting $89,760.00 while the worst selling product by total profit is DataTraveler 16GB giving no profit at all.

The month that the company made the highest number of sales is December making sales of $403,897.00 and the month with the lowest number of sales is January posting sales of $136,160.00. In addition, the analysis included the best selling product by volume for the best customer and the worst selling product by volume. The lather is Cruzer 1212GB at 9 while the former is Ship shaped USB 16GB posting 204 units. Lastly is the best selling product by profit for the best customer which is again Ship shaped USB 16GB posting $75,822.00 and the worst selling product by profit for the best customer which is Cruzer 1212GB posting $13,968.00.

A graph showing the questions and answers

Information Technology

Recommendation on how to improve data visibility

Often, there are situation on how the excel data you have spend a lot of time working on it get messed up and ruins the excel work that someone has carefully grafted through some accidental operating that disturbs the formatting and mucks up the formula. Such things can be very detrimental but there are some ways on can use to improve the visibility of excel spreadsheets. These include

  • Restricting the work area to remain with a few rows and column. It is a fact obvious that every spreadsheet has 65000 rows and 2546 columns of data. You don’t have to display all these rows and columns. Just display the required columns and rows in which the sales data fits by restricting the work area.

  • Locking formula cells and protecting the worksheet. Formulas are the most sensitive portion of the excel sheet since when one accidentally edit some data it can make a very big change in the data. It is recommended that you lock the formulas of the work book so that the spreadsheet is protected. This is preventing any accidental alteration or erasure formulas. This is done using the same method used in locking the charts (Brauer, 2006).

  • Freezing the panes so that the person reading knows what he or she is reading. Freezing panes is a very critical and useful excel entity. It ensures that the critical items in the screen are locked so that you can still see them even when the data is scrolled. For instance you can look the column headings and some few other columns so that you can still view them when scrolled.

  • Hide calculation or un-necessary sheets. Commonly, an excel worksheet display 10 worksheets containing different things such as calculation, data or intermediate stuff and some two sheets with actual outcome. It is not necessary to display all the worksheet yet the person reading it only requires a few. This is achieved by selecting all the unnecessary worksheet and click hide.

  • Hide rows or columns. This is applicable mostly when you realize that you cannot hide some rows or columns because of some reasons. It is an appropriate way to stop the users from accidentally altering the data especially in rows or column with complex formulas. (Jones, 2003)This can be done by selecting the row or column you want to hide then you right click then choose “hide” option.

  • You can also include cell comments so that the person reading can easily remember what he or she is reading. This will improve visibility since the person reading doesn’t have to remember for long what he or she is reading.


The paper has given detail of the answers to the questions asked by Lalith in both prose and in graphical analysis. In addition, it has provided five different ways that can be used to improve excel data visibility. Alternatively the company can implement a computerized sales management information system such as inventory or point of sell system. This is a computerized management information system used in sales and marketing to track the sales process. The system begins with a sale and ends with forwarding invoices to the clients (Laudon, 2011). The system will require some hardware software and a network system.


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