Information systems in organizations assignment

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Answer #2

In order for the information system for online admissions for New South Wales University function, it requires data from users which it can then store into the universities database. The online system uses future student’s information such as the academic qualifications and whether the applicant is either a high school student, non-high school or international student. It also uses the student’s personal and fee payment details which it requires an applying future student to fill and submit online. The system then takes the students personal (names, age, guarantors), application details (such as course been applied for, students registration number), payment, and academic qualifications (such as proficiency in English and HSC) and stores it in the universities server. When filling out the online application, some details are optional to fill such as additional qualifications and certifications, religion, , while others are compulsory such as academic qualifications, processing fee payment details, course been applied for, students name and contact details, guarantors or guardians information, health insurance information.

The system offers various decision support tools such as useful links which provide additional informational to the user specifying other area that the user can get assistance from relating to admissions of future students such as accommodation. The system also provides an enquiry section that provides a feedback within two business days, a FAQ and forms and guides for course selection. The decision support tools provided are easy to use and navigate even for new visitors to the system. The useful links once clicked direct the user to another page while the FAQ and forms have a download option.

Answer #3

Advances in computer based and technology information systems have dramatically changed the overall business processes institutions of higher learning. Instead of using paper-based admissions where students filled their application details on paper and the university administration staff had to process the applications manually, universities nowadays have online admission portals that are user friendly and accessible where students can apply and fill their application details online. This makes processing of the applications and providing feedback easy.