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5Information System

Business Information System

The information in which Dr. Smith should provide to the IT consultant concerning the current record keeping system he is using, will be based on the problems experienced. For instance, the process of keeping the records is time consuming and in some instances, the records are misplaced and it is not easy to retrace them. The accuracy of the records is compromised as the record keeper may be biased or tired after a long day’s work. In the case where the data is lost, the chances of retrieving them are minimal. This is normally frequent as most of the information recorded is done by many workers therefore reliability is compromised. The ‘expected’ information system is aimed at ensuring that the data recording is faster and the management can keep track of the information provided with ease. In the case where the information is lost, the information system in use can easily retrieve the data by use of back up system. The record keeping process is less cumbersome and not monotonous therefore individuals keeping the records will find it to be effective method of record keeping. The system, with the help decision support system, enhances the management to keep track of the events in the organization and make an informed decision on the strategic goals of the organization. From the information provided, maintaining the records for 1500 patients is cumbersome and one can easily distort the information without prior knowledge therefore the need for effective information system.

The company should have to purchase a computer hardware which will enhance them in the installation of the relevant software on the computer. The computer system will incorporate the monitor and the Central Processing Unit (CPU). The IT consultant will consider the hardware that is compatible to most of the available software so that when the economy changes and the operations shift, the company will be able to appreciate the relevancy of the hardware purchased. Generally, the computer system should incorporate main memory, processor, secondary storage system, and the input and output devices. The software in which the IT consultant will purchase will be based on the overall operations of the organization as a whole. For instance installation of programming software enables the programmer to effectively write the computer programs with ease. They are considered to be a set of instructions that enables the computer system to execute certain tasks. This includes tools like compilers, interpreters and text editors. In addition, system software enables the computer system and computer hardware to run effectively. It incorporates utilities, servers, devise drivers, and windowing systems. Application software enhances the computer user to complete specific tasks that he/she is undertaking. Databases, educational software and business software are the inherent application software in which the organization can install into its computer hardware system. Consequently, of importance in the management of the organization is the inventory management software in which the medical apparatus and stock of materials can be easily tracked by the system in an attempt to ascertain its quantity and quality. The flow of stock in the organization will be monitored enhancing the organization to achieve an improved patient or customer service. Data backup and recovery software enables the organization to retrieve data lost and is able to provide information on the data to be backed up and at what period of time.

The budget for purchase of the computer hardware system and the installation of the software is estimated as follows;

10 Computers @ AUD $300 = AUD $ 3000

3 software in each computer @ AUD $100 = AUD $ 3000

Other costs = AUD $ 1000

Total cost = AUD $7000

After adopting the information system highlighted above, the organization will enjoy numerous advantageous in its undertakings and as such realize its strategic goals with ease. For instance, the information systems will avail new and efficient options in which the organization interacts with other organizations in the same field. This will be shown by the structure, design and the overall administration in the organization. The use of network-based information systems in the organization will enhance the lowering of communication cost, which would have otherwise been higher, when the workers freely interact during working hours enhancing a collaborative and perfect coordination of the projects. The information system will ensure that patient’s attendance will be efficient and at the right time and no crowding in the hospital premises. In addition, stock pilferage done by untrustworthy workers will be minimized as the information keeps track of all the information concerning the sales and purchase of the drugs in the hospital. In the case of data backup and recovery software, information which may have been distorted by the workers, in an attempt to confiscate evidence of fraud, can be easily retrieved and the relevant employee are held accountable. An individual worker can now keep the record of 1500 patients with ease unlike in the case where the information was kept by multiple workers. This implies that a single individual will be held liable in case of fraud and embezzlement of resources in the organization.


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