Information management system work Essay Example

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Data Analysis

Information management system work

Figure 1: Sales Pattern for 6 Months

Information management system work 1

Figure 2: Demand of Various Products

The charts above indicate that small independent pharmacies compete with the big chains because there are still some gaps that can be filled by them. For instance, Figure 1 above indicates that there are sales fluctuations in difference months, and these fluctuations are clearly visible. This could mean that the AmerisourceBergen Corporation is not meeting the demands of some products in different months or some products are in high demand in some months. Whatever the case, small independent pharmacies can chip in to fill such gaps.

On the other hand, Figure 2 indicates that some products are in high demand as compared to others. However, the demand of most products is fairly the same. The products that are in demand can be identified through their PROD NBR (Product numbers). For instance, from Figure 2, the product with the highest demand has a product number of 90400000000. This code can help us to identify the specific product.

Figure 2 also indicates that the demand of some products is very low. In this regard, they may not generate sufficient revenue, especially for small independent pharmacies. Small pharmacies should avoid such products, and if they decide to include in their stock, they should be minimal. In fact, Figure 2 indicates that the demand of most of the products is very low. Therefore, I would urge a small pharmacy to concentrate on the products that are in high demand in order to compete with large supply chains.