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3Television Industry Research


With current advancement in career development and placement in the media industry, a number of questions concerning the career opportunities, emerging issues, products and challenges within Television industry have risen (Mohan 2014). Undertaking a vocational training with the China Central Television was an important opportunity in my career path. It sparked the urge to perform an extensive study of the industry in relation to the opportunities available for those interested in the field as well as the future of the industry. Based on my past internship experience and networking with the China Central Television and other media professionals, I managed to get know a little more about the industry, and it spurred my interest to do more research.

Direct observation, interview, networking and short survey based on the direct question were some of the techniques employed. Some of the survey questions asked relate to emerging trends in the television industry, available career opportunities, and challenges. Through direct observation, it was possible to identify the various products offered within the television industry. Additionally, networking with Mr. Zakka Jacob, the news anchor CCTV was very phenomenal. By engaging him in different conversations concerning the available opportunities for media professionals, I got an in-depth knowledge of the field. Regarding the future of the industry, secondary sources were effective in obtaining information.

Before my research, a career in media meant just news anchors and journalism to me, but then I came to realize it is more than that. The TV industry offers various opportunities for those interested in media. For news to be aired, various personnel are needed at various levels in order to make it a success. First, there are the individuals that are doing research and collecting raw data that they think is important. Once data has been collected, the information has to be sorted to determine the ones that will be passed to the public. This task is performed by other people different from the ones collecting the data. It is, therefore, evident that TV industry is more than just reading the news and running programs.

With numerous powerhouses being established, the industry is growing thus making the industry a lucrative field for professionals. Despite the fact that technology usually results in job shortages, this is a unique industry because this advancement enhances opportunities rather than reducing them. Those working n the field believe that the industry is growing, and there will be better opportunities for those passionate about media activities. Working in Chinese Central Television (CCTV) as an intern gave me the privilege of knowing better about TV industry, that is, the present as well as its future. The industry has gone through various improvements, from the famous broadcast TV to the cable Television (Boik 2016).

It is evident that the television industry has come a long way over the years, with the adoption of technology-oriented changes. Initially, there was no live streaming, but the internet has made it possible for people to follow TV programs online. With this advancement, it is easier for people who are abroad to follow their country’s news and can even share their views on the same. This online presence by TV houses has opened more opportunities for those individuals passionate about maintaining an online presence (Lotz 2014). Jobs for professionals to run online accounts for most firms in the TV industry have been availed for job seekers.


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