Industry Knowledge: To present a Great Agency: WIEDEN KENNEDY Essay Example

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To present a Great Agency

To present a Great Agency

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Wieden Kennedy is an established advertising company founded in 1982 by Dan Wieden an American entrepreneur born in 1945 and David Kennedy and has its offices in Portland, Oregon. The company has made significant progress in the advertising field having done great and captivating advertisements among them being the Nike slogan “just do it”. The company ranked 24th in the worldwide advertising company list and recorded a revenue of $102.9 million in 2005. In as much as the company’s revenue witnessed a downward trend of $90 million, it was listed as being the most awarded advertising agency in the world in the year 2006 by the Gunn Report. The agency has worked for various major industries including Chrysler, Converse, Coke, Levi, Old spice, Target and Proctor & Gamble to mention but a few (Angry Birds).

The agency has won several awards to this respect as it was awarded the Global agency of the year award by Adweek in the year 2007. In addition, the agency was awarded The Agency of the Year by creativity in the year 2010. The recent best work of all times by the company is the Old spice advert which starred Isaiah Mustafa that saw the Old Spice products to increase by 107%. The video had been viewed over 26 million times thus it was recorded to be the viral video with the fastest growth in the advertising campaign history. The video had been viewed for over 150 million times in October of the same year (The Independent). The cost estimates for the campaign were recorded as $3million. Thirdly, the agency has also featured in the prestigious Art & Copy film that features the most prestigious and prosperous advert agencies of all times (Amsterdam Ad Blog).

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Industry Knowledge: To present a Great Agency: WIEDEN KENNEDY

(Advertising Agency)

The firm has contributed heavily in the field of advertisements through the combination of creativity and consumer insight. This implies that the firm not only develops adverts in a creative mode but also aspires to increase the capacity of the product consumers. in addition, the firm works increasingly to feeding research while developing the concept of the advert through refinement fl the idea. It skillfully applies this through the utilization of qualitative approaches while at the same time combining insight and creativity (Great American Things).

Moreover, the firm considers performing research into the behavior of consumers and their interaction with the available media technology including the online video before engaging in the development of the adverts. This is vital as by doing this, the firms are able to identify the effective media forms to utilize that are specific depending of the target group. other areas through which the firm has contributed in the advert industry include the cross-platform brand possibility assessment, pre and post branding qualitative analysis, pretesting and tracking, importance of measuring of emotional engagement and its significance in the responses to adverts and research on how to achieve an optimum mix in marketing based on the clients perspective (Advertising age).

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Industry Knowledge: To present a Great Agency: WIEDEN KENNEDY 1

(Amterdam ad blog)


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