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Conducting effective group process requires active participation by the group members. Members of the group need to greatly contribute to the process and also look for mentors who can greatly assist the group in achieving the targeted objectives or goals. This paper therefore looks at our group process and identifies the person whom we chose as our mentor.

In our last meeting, we impressively held our group meeting. Majority of the members and other individuals from other groups were very happy with the way our meeting was conducted. Agreeing on ideas raised by members was not that easy. A lot of ideas, suggested on this day, seemed to be very constructive. Through constructive arguments we were able to agree on ideas that can best assist in achievement of the group objectives. Participating in this kind of discussion made us to learn how to conduct effective and constructive group process.

Members came up with many ideas on how we can start business that can be accepted internationally. As a group, we were all concerned with finding ways that are less costly and that consume less time. Though we receive several constructive ideas from various members, we were all pleased with Jackie idea who suggested that before we start any business globally, it is important for us to do research on the type of business we need to start in various countries. She suggested various ways of getting this kind of information. Reading of business magazines and listening to international media stations such as CNN and BBC were among the ideas she suggested.

Choosing of a right mentor who can effectively assist us in development of global entrepreneurship was also very challenging. After an argumentative discussion, we as group decided to choose Ron G Holland as our mentor. Ron G Holland is the author of several best selling business and financial books. He has also been written up as Top Biz Guru and business genius maverick. Ron G Holland is a brilliant and courageous individual. He is always ready to take global entrepreneurship to another level. As a mentor, Ron G Holland will assist our group in identifying cheap ways of starting global business.


From the discussion, it is clear that our group meeting was impressively held. Members were able to involve in constructive arguments. Various ideas on how to be a global entrepreneur were suggested and only the best were chosen. Though choosing of the right mentor was not that easy, we decided as a group to invite Ron G Holland to be our mentor.