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Assigned by the city council of Whitehorse to address the Graffiti problems, which were painting the cities badly; my team of six members designed a sustainable strategy of executing an effective and efficient response to the problem. In the plan, we came up with the scope of the problem. In this case, we described how graffiti was extending rapidly across all the larger cities and threatening to reach even the local towns. Because of this spread, the council was incurring unimaginably huge expenses trying to clean up the cities off the stuff. Graffiti was therefore, indeed a huge problem. It was calling for effective responses, which we identified as education of the public on the consequences of vandalism, and the implementation of practical ways of addressing the problem.

My team therefore looked into these responses, outlined them, and presented for assessment. When another team reviewed the responses, some constructive criticism was elicited. It is out of the criticism that demanded that I subject our project to self-reflection in order to see where we have succeeded and where we have failed. In order to bring out the self-reflection process, we will first bring out a summary of what my team came up with in its effort to find the solution to the problem. According to our work, graffiti could be eliminated, reduced, and prevented by designing a feasibility study to a lasting solution, apart from education of the public on the implication of the vandalism to different stakeholders like business owners, local council, community residents, and council property. The responses to the reduce the problem were also listed as: involving the police in the matter, setting in place a policy that will control media from spreading the vandalism especially in movies and websites, understanding the cumulative effect of the problem so that it can always be addressed earlier (Brandon and Brandon 2010).

With this as our project’s summary presented to be reviewed, the reviewing team went through our presentation and gave back a feedback, which criticized some of our response mechanism. In their review, they praised one of the measures that we had taken in our project. The measures, which were acclaimed, were those of carrying out extensive education on awareness creation, and reflection of the effects of graffiti, addressing the problem the moment it just begins and of involving policy intervention to control the media in spreading the vandalism. The other measure the other hand, elicited some constructive criticism from the reviewing team. The arguments of the critique that resulted from the measure of involving police were that the motives of some types of graffiti were not as tactical as the gang graffiti (Macdonald, 2001).

Instead, the perpetrators of these conventional graffiti in most cases did the vandalism without any ill motives, but did it for psychological fulfillment, following a probable frustration or resentment. Therefore, though this graffiti may express some anger toward society, it does not directly result in crime. It is a way of expression and since there is the freedom of expression, the perpetrators should not be handled by police but instead, by psychological counselors (Schier, 2008).

In analyzing and evaluating our response mechanism together with the critique from the peer review through my individual reflection, I came up with varied reactions. Concerning the our part, what necessitated my team to consider involving the police was that, as far as perpetrators of anything ill realize that police have not been involved, no other force will do anything to stop what they perpetrates. At the time of decision-making, my team felt that the need for police force was overriding the fact that not all graffiti are gang graffiti. My sincere assessment of our response is that, after going through the review, the involvement of police is not complete in itself. Instead, police could be involved in gang graffiti while counselors on the other hand, should also be called in to counsel the perpetrators accordingly on the other types of graffiti (Macdonald, 2001).

The plan which therefore came up from the self reflection was to employ all the other measures for combating graffiti, which were not criticized by the review team, and for the measure which elicited critique, the plan was to include the constructive views in the former strategy.


Please give a score between 1-5 and justify your scoring with appropriate comments.

5 = excellent 4=very good 3=good 2=fair 1=poor



Specific nature of project is clear and succinctly explained.

It is true that the nature of the project is well clarified. This is because; it has all the right content characteristic of any other project. In this case, the problem is clearly stated, the availability and the weakness of the existing solution to the problem is also clear in the description of the nature of the project. Therefore, the project can now get into the point of addressing the given problem and through getting over the limitations and the weakness of the existing measures.

The presentation has a strong visual impact and engages audience.

The presentation method employed is timely. Considering the nature of the problem, it involves a lot of drawings and paintings, which can be hard to be just described theoretically without displaying their visual appearance. Therefore, with a strong visual impact, the different types of graffiti can be seen by the audience. With fan information, the presentation captured the attention of the audience. Generally, the presentation was great.

The visual presentation has a logical flow of information.

With a visual presentation, it is more manageable to guide the audience from one point to another in a smooth flow, since the visual presentation can be readily understood than just an oral presentation.

Overheads are of a high standard.

With point slides used in the presentation, the audience could not take a long time trying to read long and confusing sentences. Instead, the brief summary of the otherwise long explanations made it possible to have a high standard presentation. However, sometimes, in some cases, the summary could be less explanatory, hence demanding for more explanation for particular points.

Teamwork is evident through the presentation.

There was a chance for everyone in the team to contribute towards the success of the presentation. Actually, many items made the presentation successful. These different items were contributed by the different people in the team through a considerably high degree of teamwork.

Team members demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the project.

Yes. The discussion that lead to the successful collection of ideas on what to do in the project demonstrated that the team members had enough understanding on the project

Acid Test

Overall, what score would you give this project, taking everything into account?

The way the project was conducted was very good. Looking at the ideas given in the project content, the processing of the same ideas into presentable form and the presentation of the project to the audience, it is clear that a great job was done by the team. Though exceptionally great, the small limitations evident like not meeting the exact expectations of the audience due to various differences does not qualify the project to be excellent.


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