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Individual Reflection on Using Twitter


Individual Reflection on Using Twitter

Question 1

. So I always keep this in mind so as to ensure my profile picture appears clear regardless of how it is viewed. (Lee, 2014)My profile picture is 400×400, and the image is a square, but I had an option to crop during the process of uploading. Basically, Twitter has not spelled out the maximum size of the file, and so I can scaled down my profile picture to 200×200 on my Twitter profile page. When someone opens my twitter profile, the profile photo looks even smaller in size, and when a person clicks on the picture, blows up to full size

In twitter, i use my real name (and it does not have an underscore) given that
making use of fabricated names make it extremely hard to tie my Twitter profile to my LinkedIn, Facebook as well as other profiles. Preferably, i use a similar photo on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook et al, so as to make it easier to retain information. Furthermore, in my profile i do not frequently changing my profile photo, as scores of my friends on twitter say that they view and memorize profile photos more as compared to usernames (Gunelius, 2013). Apart from that, I have customised my Twitter backgrounds, and it put across crucial details as well as contact information. My new Twitter profile does exhibit much more private information than previously.

Last time I used my time changing my Twitter profile background, I did not manage to do much tweaking, since my objective was just to modify the profile background so as to match with that of my Facebook. It looked much easier, but it i spent a lot of time to make my background look attractive. Therefore, to change the profile background it is not a hard task since it does not need detailed HTML knowledge. However, the first day to make my Twitter profile background was an intricate process, but now it is the easiest. So I can suggest that customizing twitter background needs a person who is good in trial and error, but nobody should be troubled to change his/her background image until he/she get it right. My friend introduced me to a wealth of ready-made Twitter backgrounds (both premium as well as free), and they include Twitter Backgrounds, Tweet Style, and Twitter Backs,

I always use twitter to send short messages to my friends, and from time to time i use twitter service to receive and post messages to my contacts. Rather than sending loads of text messages or e-mails, i use my Twitter account to send one message, which twitter distributes it to all my followers. Sometimes I use Twitter to organize unplanned gatherings, start a group conversation or tweet breaking news to let my followers know what is taking place (Lee, 2014). I perceive other users of twitter as instant source of news, especially sport news, and I think they see me as a sport enthusiast and a diehard football follower.

Question 2

Have witnessed Twitter making massive impacts on the world of sports, and score of celebrated athletes have Twitter accounts, which they use to engage with their fans, and wherein their private opinions are broadcasted globally. As a sport enthusiast, i used twitter to get sports updates and get information about day-after-day activities of athletes. By means of its mechanisms, Twitter has generally impacted athletes as well as sports since the world of sports can instantly broadcast information through Twitter (Clapp, 2014). Sports breaking news is easier to broadcast through Twitter as compared to other sites and as user I can glance at various sports timeline to discern who won what.

I joined twitter after realising it is not meant for family as well as friends, but for my fellow footballs enthusiasts whom i actually desire to interact with. What’s more, I joined twitter, after realising it is a fine resource for tracking online sports trends; for instance, if a video of a goal scored by a famous footballer goes viral on YouTube, then undoubtedly it will be shared on Twitter. What’s more, most athletes whom i like are on Twitter, and so had to join so as to get updates from them, interact with them, as well as support them morally (Clapp, 2014).

Twitter is evidently an extremely large news wire, and it plays an enormous role in the lives of us sports enthusiasts across the world. I use press conference or live-tweeting as a means for me to connect with other sports enthusiasts, and in this platform I follow a number of sports accounts that offer real-time updates on stats as well as scores, and those that offer instantaneous game analysis that has just concluded. What’s more, I have connected my twitter to mobile text services, so I sometime tweet sport through text message or SMS; so even if I am in the stadium watching live, I can still reach my follow football enthusiasts on twitter.

Question 3

In actual fact, copyright signifies a set of exclusive rights awarded to the owner to print, duplicate, make a replica or publish works that have been copyrighted. At first, the copyright law was only applicable to the books copying, but at present copyright covers a broad scope of works, particularly in the creative as well as artistic fields. In twitter, works that can be copyrighted consist of: stories and scripts, pictures and images, music, and architectural blueprints

In order to understand copyright i always read materials from that have been produced by governments as well as other valuable online resources. Online platforms as new and innovative tool have helped me simplify and clarify the copyright law complexities. The government resources, offers guidance concerning things that I should be conscious of when uploading as well as making use of pictures and images on the internet.

With regard to how I connected the understanding of copyright with Twitter and Storify, I have realised that Storify is a visual method to tweet social media stories through my twitter. Even though the launching of embeddable Tweets improves things, I think Storify is overpoweringly an orderly way to demonstrate how a story develops on twitter devoid of me having to take screenshots as well as slot in my own links (Zeldman, 2010). Whilst the majority of tweets cannot pass the «copyrightability» test, a number of them might meet the least amount of originality stipulated by copyright law.


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