Individual evaluation Essay Example

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Individual Evaluation


Writing and Presentations is one of the skills each student should posses. After holding a successful presentation, it’s good to reflect on the aspects that were done correctly and the ones that need improvement. This paper analyzes what was done correctly during the presentation on reducing falls for the elderly and ones that need improving on.

Reflection on the presentation of reducing falls in the elderly

The presentation was successful but, there is need to improve on preparation. Writing a good presentation requires adequate time for preparation and practise. Enough time gives members an opportunity to Hold conversation and discuss the member’s opinions. It also gives members to gather and analyse all relevant information to put in the presentations. It also gives members time to practise. Practising helps improve members presentation skills like hand gestures, speaking style and thinking (Barnes 2007). It also helps find a comfortable way of presentation. The group members are also able to gauge the performances of the presenter.

Though the presentation was done very professionally, it could have been made more successful by improving the eye contact between presenters and the audience. A well developed presentation requires that the presenter maintains eye contact with the audience. This is a trait that depicts confidence and shows a person believes in themselves, which helps to attract attention (Barnes 2007). This little difference is very crucial in that scanning the class indicates to other students that they should pay attention. Keeping a regular scan on the class will also provide good feedback to the presenter. By maintaining eye contact with the class it makes them remain involved in the discussion.

Although the presentation in the classroom was good, there was still some communication difficulties experienced when interacting with the class. There is need to identify the communication issues and improve interaction and communicate effectively in the classroom. The students did not seem to understand the reasons or situations. To improve interaction, students should be encouraged to ask questions when in doubt. Any person who does not understand, should ask for clarifications on the particular points. The presenter should also seek to understand whether the response to the students questions, have been understood correctly. He should also give enough time for them to think and understand new concepts.

To cover all the required areas in a presentation, there is need to manage the allocated time properly. It’s essential to prepare the main points to be presented and the important thing about each point. A good presentation should be short to make it sweet for listeners. The audience is seated in a passive state and therefore, the concentration span maybe short. It’s important to remember that the amount of information presented does not matter, what matters is how convincingly it’s presented (Barnes 2007). Remaining within the given time for the presentation is quite important for a successful presentation


A good presentation requires a lot of input in terms of preparation, time management and the presentation skills. Therefore, for a presentation to be successful all these should be factored in the preparations


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