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Independence Day

INDEPENDENCE DAY is a movie that demonstrates a global spectacle on a very unimaginable scale. The nations within the earth have collaborated on a defense program in order to protect the planet. But the aliens come up with unprecedented and advance force causing much destruction to humanity. It requires the ingenuity of brave men and women to protect the world from the verge of extinction. The movie highlights the important theme of neoliberalism and cooperation among nations with regard to trade, technology, and information sharing. Nations cannot survive as isolated islands. The signal from the other world is picked up in New Mexico and relayed to the rest of the world due to infrastructure technology. The will to survive is an important impetus to making human beings to work together. Free trade under regimes with fewer barriers enhances innovation and collaboration. New technology is needed in every area in order to enhance performance and boost the world defense against attack.

The fact that the world is under attack by aliens is important for the concept of an international society to be groomed for purposes of enhancing communication, awareness and information sharing. When the world is under attack, no one is spared hence the need to work in a globalised society that understands that they face the same threat. Free market and efficient resource allocation is important for a sustained world economy that will ensure that inhabitants of the planet earth are prepared for any attack. Research and development can only be sustained where there is robust economic growth. Sustained economic growth is important in achieving human progress. The technology used by aliens can only be matched if people on planet earth will continue inventing innovative products. This can only be achieved in a sustained economy where basic human problems have been sorted out. The movie demonstrates that an international society is important for human beings survival. When the aliens attack, they do not consider national boundaries but target human beings wherever they are. Economic Boundaries among nations are not necessary and are a hindrance towards achieving defense empowerment.

The people of the earth have to fortify their defense against the aliens attack or perish. Cooperation in working out a common defense for humans is important since no one is spared when the aliens descend on planet earth. The nations of the earth have to develop a common defense to help them fight a common enemy. The concept of neoliberalism and an international society that understands its problems is a foundation that can help mankind to put ideas together towards developing a robust defense. The zeal to survive compels nations of the earth to work together. Scientists, doctors and engineers have to work together regardless wherever they are, to develop sophisticated weapons that will challenge the aliens. The Independence Day movie highlights the need for collaboration in new product development through advanced technology in order to solve existing problems of mankind. Through the movie the myth of an international society is possible since mankind is attacked indiscriminately by aliens and need cooperation of all other people on planet earth for survival chances. Everyone is at risk and sharing of information through advanced technology becomes important. This can be achieved though a globalised or international society working together for everyone’s good.