Incident Command System Essay Example

1. Positioning strategy is a way on how a brand is marketed to influence the intended consumer. They include; Identifying the niche in the market and availing the missing product, Taking over the customer who is not satisfied with the competitor product by tailoring his product to suite him, Avoid engaging in price war instead concentrate on the quality and feedback from the consumer. Media also play important role by informing on availability of the product, educating on the use and reminding consumer to purchase and providing wide coverage thus expanding the market hence increase sales volume.

2. Planning strategy is where deliberate goals are set and one focus on particular way of achieving set goal while emergent strategy is where you have more ways of achieving a goal and you are continuously testing the best way by refining in the process.

3. Integration is important in development of strategic communication plans since one should understand the does and don’t of a given a community in order to approach consumer in intellectual and get ideal emotion that that will entice him/her to buy the product.

4. Business objectives are goals such has desired profit level, volume of sales and growth of the firm while communication objectives are those things that enhance the awareness and position of the product in the market for example advertisement.

5. Context analysis is a way of critically studying the position of they business. It is in two categories; internal factor analysis and external factor analysis. Through internal factor analysis we concentrate on; Company analysis and product. External factors include; environmental analysis for, competitor analysis also is essential in order to maintain market leadership.

6. Pull strategy focus on stimulating consumer or end user to buy more of producer for example providing direct discount while push strategy targets intermediaries to continue supply your product to consumer for example providing wide profit margin by selling to them at a lower price and profile strategy focuses on brand development and reputation to ensure continuous and steady growth of its sales.

7. Research stages for advertising the launch of a new consumer product are,

  1. Definition and identification of the problem- it should be clear and precise.

  2. Determination of the sources of information- it can either be primary source that is information collected for the first time or secondary source that is data already collected.

  3. Determination of data collection-one should collect enough relevant data to be used for example government publication.

  4. Data collection- relevant data is collected from the different sources and compiled together.

  5. Data analysis- this is done to obtain the meaning of the research or the collected data.

  6. Results- this is the end objective of the research. It should be clear, complete and accurate.

8. Consumer perception is the behavior of the consumer while, planning, purchasing using the product and ultimate goal of satisfaction therefore, it is important in avoiding business failure due to understanding of consumer reaction in advance, enables one to satisfy the consumer by tailoring product to suite him and also we understand the consumption pattern of the consumer.


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10. The media positioning platform should be;

  1. Reliable- It should be depended on for marketing without expecting any shortcoming.

  2. Coverage- it should cover wider area to increase market scope of the product.

  3. Appealing- the media used should be appealing to the consumer.

  4. Convenient- it should give the required information to the consumer when he needs it.


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