Incest in popular film and television and its possible meanings Essay Example

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Incest in popular films and its possible meaning

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Incest has been termed by many as the most fascinating taboo in the contemporary time. The definition of the term incest remains highly contentious subject matter. Nevertheless, the explanation of incest is said to be for the most part imperative definitions for the group of individuals involved, though it vary on basis of discipline, those in law and in religion define it differently. The definition of incest is supposed to be made based on individuals involved and type of such particular incest. Psychologists define incest as having sexual intimacy between unmarried family members. For intimacy to be considered incest does not only have to entail sexual intercourse but even kissing, fondling and stroking. The aforementioned definition may not be right under law. The law’s definition of the term incest is having a sexual intercourse between the known relatives who are blood-related (Brenner, 2007). As such, the prevalence of incest laws are meant to prohibit such relationship, thus forbid the marriage between relatives.

Mass media have had a number of representations in a number of ways, which have ranged from crime, deviance and disorder. All this have had impact on returning grounds of anxiety as expressed in movies. Movies have had impact on the lives of people who act and watch them, on ground of theme and action prevailing in them. In contemporary world, media representations have worried several people, be it liberals and radicals (Sparks, 2012). We cannot separate the study of abnormality and deviance from the
media and other popular representations. People’s perceptions of and
reactions toward abnormality and deviance are shaped by the widely
disseminated representations of it in the media (news, advertisements,
TV, videos, films, books, and a range of on-line material) (Brenner, 2007).The
diversity of contemporary media forms are an intimate presence in the
home and play a central role in creating and reinforcing ideology.

Review of incestuous instances in Game of thrones film

The main character in (movie) is Cersei Lannister in both seasons. She is viewed as a key figure by featuring in Lena Headey. Cersei in this Game of thrones, where she dates her twin brother, who was son of King Baratheon who was a ruler of Seven Kingdoms. She made her son Joffrey on the Throne through a false claim tht she was a legitimate son from his marriage, but the truth is that Joffrey Baratheon was in point of fact a creation of incestuous affairs with her younger twin brother who they called Ser Jaime Lannister (Brenner, 2007). The level of development in the modern world film has greatly improved especially with the increased rate of innovation and growing technology. Everyone in the modern world including children are impressed at how the level of film industry is increasing so fast because they benefit from it in very many different ways. Owing to the fact that most people have the urge to make things easier in the modern films, incestuous relationships have prevailed (Williams, 2006). Everyone is turning towards the direction of entertaining films because present films seem to be the future of everyone and everything in the industry. The future of most activities in the world today since currently it serves as a very useful tool even though it also has some intimidating proposition.

Presently, both the interactive media along with the internet have availed means of using the innovative possibilities to function. The present film is currently utilized for real-time social interface and for personalized routing throughout interactive relationship among relatives which leads to incest. The speedy cultural changes in various parts of Western Europe have stimulated a rising need for the swift and low-priced film manuscripts production. This fueled by then Johannes Gutenberg who was by then a factory owner in film-making at Mainz town of Southern Germany source for funds to develop latest movies. This led to spread of rag paper in carrying a written manuscript which turned out to be cheap and plentiful and expanded literacy level in the region (Gunkel, 2003).

Deviance and disorder of incestuous relationship

The incestuous relationship has had a number of influences on the film development and norms that has been both positive and negative. Owing to the fact that modern technology offers access to vast information, many children are bound to gain more knowledge that will highly help them improve their lives. They will acquire more skills of doing different activities through this aspect of development and this will highly increase the level of modernization in many different ways (Banks 215). Information Technology can be used to pass across information in the society through the use of techniques such as videos and other forms of graphics that can be used over the internet. Introducing World Wide Web into the society was one of the greatest inventions of the modern world because it has contributed a lot to development, for instance giving online movies to both lovers of film in the modern world. Children in educational institutions are also able to watch more film information through the developed levels of information technology because it also assists them to do more research on the film subjects that they study and keep them updated. Caxton who has been the favorite of many in the industry has played a major role in developing films. Being of the passionate editor, Caxton was determined and made sure that diction and correct spelling in his films prevailed (Fafinski, 2009). His contribution to editing incestuous film earned him recognition allover for regulating film industry.

The concerns of incest have been dominant in present movies and many argued that it impact both positively or negatively to societies. The young people who watch these films sometimes end up believing that incestuous relationship and see no problem about it. This has resulted to moral decadence in some parts of the society where content of movies that is being watched is not regulated. For instance, in Game of thrones movie, Cersei did not mind dating her twin brother and saw no problem of having a kid with, yet in society such inbreeding amongst the relatives is termed to be sin, especially for staunch conservatives.


Media representations are not only viewed as a mirror of society but also as highly selective feature which encompasses constructed portrayals. The level of film development in the modern world has greatly improved especially with the increased rate of innovation and growing technology. Everyone in the modern world is impressed at how the level of technology is increasing so fast because they benefit from it in very many different ways. It is hard to measure the social and cultural influence of latest media without historical distance; however, these inventions will for the most part probable demonstrate to hint another most important revolution in use, control and personality of individual communication.


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