In Search of a Winning Strategy

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Marketing: Case study

Brita search for winning strategy

Brita brand faced a number of issues while attempting to dominate the bottled water market in the United States. Facing stiff competition from PUR and others, the company was being challenged to consider some of its aspects of the marketing mix to make it a winning strategy. Key issues included product functionality and promotion.

The PT filtration system of Brita was seen as ineffective and full of inconveniences. While this aspect reduced the number of users and the rate of usage, many consumers opted for tap water. Households had grown tired of refilling the pitcher and more often perceived it as of less value and inconveniencing. Despite the innovations using Memo technology, customers were not inspired by the smart pitchers. As such, Brita should invest more on research and development (R&D) on how to remove taste violators like chlorine. Furthermore, the brand needs to maximize taste by considering things like filtering material and the types of plastics.

  1. Promotion

Brita ran a number of promotions such as ‘Kid talk’ to create a new brand positioning by maintaining that tap water contained impurities. Again, this strategy backfired prompting the management to adopt another promotional strategy ‘simple solution’ which sought to argue on cost and convenience. Nevertheless, this strategy did not last. The reason why Brita kept failing is because they did not have a target market and did not understand the needs of those consumers. As consumers desire good tasting water, Brita should target young families because they are sensitive on the elements and level of purity of water they consume.