Impact of social media on the society Essay Example

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Impact of social media on the society


The advent and advancement of network technology has seen to a rapture of social sites over the last decade. The social media has increasingly become acknowledged as a power tool in bringing about cohesion, understanding and points of conflict in the society. Picture Facebook, one of the most popular sites in the world with over 500 million active users, combined with other sites and the actual power of the social media could be established (Das & Sahoo, 2011, p. 223). It will be found out in this paper that the social media has both positive impacts as well as negative ones upon the societal setups and dynamics.




4Impact of social media on communication

5Impact of social media on culture and religion

6Impact of social media on marketing

6Trends in social media




From a critic viewpoint, the impacts that the social media have on the society at large could be disseminated into two; the positive and the negative, basing the classification upon a criterion undervalued by the society’s beliefs, expectations, religion and even culture. It will be found the social media has had a great role to in the reshaping of the way people view things, think and even act (Chen & Starosta, 2005, p. 4). To some extent, the society has embraced the social media but some opposition still reigns. This paper will examine the impact through the facets of communication, culture and religion using a contra model where the good will be measured against the bad.

Impact of social media on communication

Needless to say, communication in any given society is one of the most important pillars and adhesive that holds this society together. People need to understand each other through the platform of communication, sharing of ideas, ideologies, opinions and the like. With so many people in the society embracing the social media and using social media largely as an interaction tool, there has been increased interaction and enhanced communication between the members of the society. This has led to increased harmony as well as awareness among the members of the society. People have become more vocal and more confident in expressing their views and their concerns as wells as displeasures in the society. This allows people to build relationships that are beneficial in the workplace as well as in the society.

On the other hand, the freedom and power of communication of the social media provides the society with could be and is indeed extensively abused. The fact that the social media provides for anonymity encourages people to express their opinions without fear. The platform has been used to relay and fuel hate speeches. Negative and sometimes abusive and uncontrolled opinions are hurled using this platform. It is very difficult to pinpoint and curb such.

Impact of social media on culture and religion

Social media has led to the promotion and appraisal of cultures of societies all over the world. Through usage of the media tools, people from all walks of life have come to interact with each other. This has led to people blending with each other. Intermarriages have happened between people who have met each other through this platform. The diversity of culture of different people all over the world has been immensely appreciated through this media.

The social media and social platforms have contributed massively to the erosion of cultural values of many societies. The significance of this has been identified in the African continent. Peers and teenagers from the continent, who are amongst the largest active members and users of the social media, have been shown to be much compelled to follow in the ways of their counterparts in developed nations such as USA (Jain et al 2012, p. 37). The issue of fashion and has gone viral amongst these peers. They want to wear clothes and other assortments in the same way and capacity as those in these other countries. This has made them forget, or even scorn their own cultural beliefs. Immorality is another issue that crops up in the cultural aspect. There is a lot of uncontrolled content on the social platforms (Matthew et al, 2011, p. 859) . For instance, the peers and youth in the society watch or even listen to pornographic content in these platforms. It is very hard to control this and this is one of the areas where the society is said to be losing its moral fibers. Religion abhors all behaviour that are designed to bring any form of social immorality in the society.

Impact of social media on marketing

Perhaps its best to note that it is in marketing that the social media has found its niche. No self respecting company in the world can afford to ignore the power of social media when it comes to marketing. The major advantage of the social media that makes it very appealing to marketers is the capacity to pool in millions of people together (O’Neil, 2009, p. 156). Companies follow keenly how people behave by the way they speak and the kind of shopping they do online. This gives them vital statistics which they apply for the selection of their targets. Companies have been developed and operate based purely on the drive and power of the social media.

Trends in social media

The immediate future only spells more success for the social media platforms. More and more social interaction sites are being created each and every day. The existing sites are being modified daily so that they could keep their competitive edge and advantage. The society will become digitalized and hence it is important for the members of the society to align themselves in readiness for the same.


The above discussion has shed light into how the society relates and adjusts to the power of the social media. The persons living in a specific society relate closely with each other using the social media platform. As observed, the social media allows people to freely interact with each other at both personal and international levels. The benefits that are accrued by the social media platform are numerous and it’s hard to ignore. For the negative impacts, the society should device a way of putting control mechanisms in place to mitigate these effects.


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