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the increased availability and accessibility of international travel has impacted on modern society.Extent to which

  1. Background

  1. Brief history of the international air travel and its development

  2. Impact of international air travel on business.

  1. Aims/ Purpose of essay

  1. What is covered in the essay

  1. Definitions

  1. Meaning of international travel

  1. Limitation of the essay

  1. Scope of the essay

  1. Essay structure

  1. Introduction

  2. Topic sentences

  1. Analysis

  1. Economic impacts on modern society

  2. Cultural impacts on modern society

  1. conclusion

  1. Summary of the essay


Air travel and aviation dates back to the pioneering days when flights were powered and manned. However, the industry has experienced significant improvements with the establishment of various air services like cargo and passenger and cargo transport, medical, airmail as well as search and rescue services. Moreover, international air travel has revolutionized the business activities at the international level. As a result, many countries have engaged in long term business relationship for mutual benefits. The increase in frequency of international flights has impacted on the daily activities of the modern society economically, socially, politically and the overall lifestyle.

Aims/Purpose of the essay

This essay aims at identifying and assessing the impacts of international travel for business on the economy. It will also provide a reflection of how international travel enriches one’s culture.


In simple terms, international travel is the movement of people, goods or services, normally from one country to another. People travel mainly for business, leisure and study purposes. This essay will focus on how the rise and accessibility of international travel, specifically for business, has impacted on economy and culture of people in the modern society.

Limitation of the essay

Although international travel for business is experienced in many countries of the world, this essay does not cover the impacts it creates on the economies of the all countries engaged in international travel for business. This is only narrows down the discussion to international travel between Australia and Nevada.

Essay structure


The modern economy calls for international travel for business. Despite the fact that such travel is always demanding both physically and psychologically, it is also interesting and rewarding. With the development and advancement of technology, the accessibility of international travel has been improved. Unlike in the traditional society, modern society has experienced drastic changes as a result of availability and ease of access to modern services for internal travel. With increase in number international travelers, the need for massive expansion of flight services in commonly used destinations has come up.

To begin with, additional investment in supplementary transport infrastructure and passenger facilitation services in Sydney Airport to cater for the requirements of the travelers has boosted the city’s economy.


In his article, Jacques Artus states that international travel can be likened to the international trade. In essence, international travel can be described in a bilateral as well as multilateral relationship. This is to say that the exports of a country correspond to the import services of another country. The economy of Australia is heavily dependent on the international travels. For example, Sydney Airport is the busiest airport which functions as the main gateway for the economy of Australia. The airport facilitates international travel with nearly 40% of international travelers departing from or arriving at Sydney Airport (Vasigh et al., 2013 p.23). Economic forecasts reveal that the number of international travelers will double. This is the main reason for investing in services that caters for the needs of the passengers within the airports proximity. However, such economic developments are not necessarily driven by the large volume of growth the number of passengers but also the ever changing composition and travelers preferences of the international travelers (Vasigh et al., 2013 p.25). The commercial development in the region takes various forms like hotel accommodation, hospitality, office space and retail (Dervaes, 1998 p.56). In the article, An Econometric Analysis of International investment in such services generates income to Australia’s economy in the following ways; Currency conversions at arrival and departure terminals earn Australia foreign exchange. After the exchange, another income is generated through the food purchased in the hotels, accommodation fee and even commission charged on imported goods and services. This fee is known as custom duty (Jacques, 1972 p.583). In general foreign currency generated through international travel is used by the Australian government to improve the living standards of her citizens by creating job opportunities, providing first-class social amenities and expansion of business premises by encouraging Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) (Jacques, 1972 p.585).

Over 35 million people visit the city of Las Vegas Strip in Nevada. Interestingly, the visitors come from diverse cultural backgrounds. The essay gives an assessment of how the increased availability and accessibility of international travel widens one’s attitude and perspective in life in the modern society through cultural interaction.


When in the beginning life is confined within the bounds of the community, work and family, international travelling opens more avenues for appreciation of the kindness and goodness of other foreign cultures (Shaffer, 2008 p. 34). A person, who is well travelled, has no tendency of thinking more of himself and his personal interests. In some way, cultural break helps in distracting one’s mind from worries. Imaginations that come along with travelling to favorite places relief one from total stress and rejuvenates his or her spirit. For example, Las Vegas Strip in Nevada is known for its each culture of gaming and entertainment (Rowe, 1994 p.34). The city has been branded the jewel of the desert due to its sparkling nature. The reach cultural qualities which attract visitors include magnificent architecture of resorts and hotels, which creates complex fantasylands. The region also holds unique galleries of world-class art e.g. Renoir and Monet’s work (Shaffer, 2008 p. 35).

In conclusion, the international travel for business has become very essential to the economy of the modern society. This is not only because of the need to maintain the corporate networks, but also due to other associated economies which cater to the day to day needs of the business travelers. However, there are concerns over the impact of the increases international air travel on the environment. For instance, increases in flight frequencies from one country to another cause serious air pollution. Such challenge is likely to trigger new limitations for the future of the international air travel for business.


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