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Creative Brief for Pitch Project


Creative idea

The creative idea adopted by Vivant is lit candle in front of a couple having dinner on the beach which helps to promote our branding concept. The development of a creative element is important in enhancing the slogan which in our case is dining with the one you love, and a lit candle is a symbol of romance. Vivant restaurant will offer services like romantic dinners, holiday packages and honeymoon destinations which rhymes well with our concept theme. Creative concept is described as being in the creative department generated advertising creatively (Ang, 2014). The creative idea is a concept which combines characters and images to create a long lasting impression and elicit a behavioral response from the target market. The concept of having a lit candle in front of a glass of wine expresses love and triggers a romantic mood within a person’s mind. In the ads Vivant will try to create an environment of leisure, romance and love to the target audience and allow the audience to have a feeling of relaxation while enjoying themselves with their loved ones. Vivant is a restaurant with the aim of creating lifetime memories to its clients by providing high end services to their clients hence creating a sense of belonging.

Creative concept helps to shape the campaign message and helps to determine which benefit is more appealing to the customer. The strategy adopted by vivant in developing its creative idea adopting a series of pictures with slogan and restaurant name embedded on the pictures. The idea of a lit candle in front of couple having dinner will be run in all ads of the restaurant. The idea communication will be best suited to target people of the age between 18-60 and are willing to try new restaurants, new type of foods, and have new experiences. Also the idea runs well with the thought of having a candle lit dinner and having a glass of wine for a youthful couple. The idea of Vivant is to become the destination of choice to any person in Sydney and provide quality services and romantic environment to its clients, therefore, actual advertisement such as TV ads and prints ads, campaign website and social media are will be vital in ensuring that the intended message is passed across to the targeted audience.

After branding and presentation of the creative idea, a clear communication strategy should be adopted to make sure the target audience is reached and the ads will create a memorable impression to the target audience. It is equally important to communicate the idea developed to the targeted audience further developing the brand, which in return will elicit a need to purchase a certain product or service affiliated to a certain brand. Vivant adopted TV ads Print media ads and social media PR to communicate the creative idea which are all effective communication channels in modern society. Vivant has developed a TV ad of couples having a candle lit dinner on the beach. The ad expresses the cool, serene and beautiful view of the ocean horizon, a delicious meal and a bottle of expensive red wine. The aim of creating this theme is to actually communicate the serenity of hotel environment which is meant to be romantic, cool and peaceful for our customer. The role of this is to communicate to the audience that such environment is available at Vivant hotel. The ad increases brand awareness by creating an image in audience where they feel that Vivant is the place to be, especially for those who love romantic dinners and wine. Also the TV ad will be used to prompt immediate action by the target audience because there would be special offers for customers who wish to visit the restaurant for dinner within the first three months after opening. Since the restaurant is new it is important that ads attracts traffic and builds brand awareness.

No matter the medium, one the basic tenets of media planning is developing your campaign objective so that it dictate the tactics (Kanta, 2004). Another strategy Vivant will use to communicate its brand to the audience is by providing information about the hotel in social media, online advertising and website advertising. Social media PR has become the most common mode of communicating brand information to the target group especially the tech savvy youthful audience. The company website would allow availability of information about the products available, services, offers and any special activity happening in the hotel to the audience. Also the website will allow active interaction of customers with hotel staff to help the customers make reservations check for new products and services and rates of Vivant. The design of vivant hotel is designed to allow interactive engagement with the client who visits the site so as to improve our client’s experience. The main aim of communicating creative idea on our site is attract the target audience and creating lasting brand awareness.

Social media marketing is also an effective communication tool to pass our brand awareness information to our target customers since most of the target audience actively engage with social media. It would be a marketing mistake for any organization not to explore opportunities presented by social medial platforms to interact with prospective customers (Neti, 2011). In this modern age where an average internet users visit their social account more than fourteen times a day, companies should explore this opportunity and enhance their brand awareness. In my view this can help Vivant achieve its goal of communicating brand information to its target audience because most of its audience is in this category (18-60 years). Also, according to (Chenna, Fayb & Wang, 2011) social media has become the media where clients post their personal evaluation about a certain product and facilitate word of mouth. Social media is an important avenue where Vivant can publicize its products information, creative concepts can be communicated to the audience and possibly collect information about what is working and what to drop.
According to Laroche, Habibi& Richard (2013) social media communities have positive impact on customer with brands, customer with company and customer with customer relationships.

Also another strategy Vivant will use co communicate its creative idea is by adopting and advertising on print media like newspapers, magazines and other hard publications in circulation. This will help Vivant to reach the older bracket of the audience who still use print media as source of information. These publications like magazines mostly are used in places where most of the target audience can be found. These adverts will be coupled up with coupons which the recipients can redeem within a certain period of time so as to enhance brand awareness.

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Live with the ones you love


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