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I learn well through others and hence my style of leadership is the visionary leadership style. This means that, I am well aware that, for an organization to attain its objectives it can only be done through its agents and that is the employees (Murray, 1). I like motivating others into achieving the common objective at hand and in the process; I set people free to work their best in whatever they engage in.

For instance, as a team leader, I am not the commanding type and I like the input of all team members. I therefore allow all the members to work in areas that they feel are competent enough in order to have maximum output. This I achieve through assigning roles to members which I know that they can handle well and not through dictating what others cannot manage to accomplish.

Another example is when we were supposed to submit a report detailing SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis for our company and one of the team members felt that she could not work on the threats and preferred to work on strengths of the company, as a visionary leader allowed the employee to work on strengths of the company for I was convinced that, she could do better than forcing her to research on the threats of the company.

As a visionary leader, it means that, in as much as there is the input of my team members or the people I am working with, I also participate in the activities of my other workmates (Murray, 1). For instance, I am actively involved in providing solutions to my team members. I also assign myself some tasks for I am not the type to delegate duties to others while not contributing to what the members are working on.

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