Id Essay Example

Report: written reflection


I think I met the assessment criteria in the process of writing the essay. This is based on the fact that followed the set criteria, where I managed to demonstrate my understanding concerning the issues of globalization where I applied the knowledge about globalization that I acquired from the lectures I attended within the semester. Besides, in demonstrated my understanding of the unit materials and the relevant readings to the globalization essay. I ensured that the ideas and the content of the essay were deeply engaged in ensuring that the structure and the flow of ideas were logical (Hirsch, 2015). The introduction of the essay introduced the different issues surrounding globalization and the different ideas that were to be discussed in the essay providing the reader the overall picture of what the essay was all about. It is in the introduction where I stated the thesis statement to direct answer the topic question of the essay (Cotterall and Cohen, 2013. In the body of the essay, I ensured that I developed a logical and the central argument in a clear manner where each paragraph communicated a different idea about the different aspects of globalization. I used sub-topics in the body of the essay to ensure that the major ideas related to globalization were communicated in a more organized manner.

Each topic was starting with a topic sentence that was important to introduce the reader to the ideas communicated in the paragraph. Explanations and elaborations about the main ideas concerning globalization were provided where the arguments in the essay were all supported. I made use of quality and relevant resource about globalization to assist in ensuring that I maintained quality in the process of writing the essay in a professional manner (Henry and Roseberry, 2014). The language I used was clear to help the reader in understanding the ideas communicated in the essay.

The understanding of the materials of the unit assisted me in ensuring that in structured and wrote the essay in a way that ensured connection of responses to the question of the essay and relevant reading of the unit. While writing my essay I ensured that I demonstrated the necessary engagement of the different themes, ideas, and issues contained in the lectures and the unit material related to globalization issues and its effects (Galtung, 2014). This helped in demonstrating my thorough research about the topic question where the relevant ideas in the essay were presented in a good way. In the process, in ensured that I applied the relevant themes and ideas of the unit that were relevant to the question topic.

The flow of ideas can demonstrate my understanding of the conceptual framework that was relevant to globalization in my essay where I ensured proper references to the readings of the unit (Hounsell, 2014). The conceptual framework that I used in writing my essay was based on the lecture notes and reading materials that were provided. The concluding argument about globalization was clear and strong where I ensured that I proofread the essay and referenced using Harvard referencing style.


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