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Homeschooling is more effective than public schools

Homeschooling is more effective than public schools

I do think that homeschooling has many benefits than the public schools. The benefits that can be associated with the homeschooling can include that the students are able to gain more knowledge than the students in public schools (Al Najmi & Ali, 2008). Besides, homeschooling is affordable as some costs like transport are eliminated, and also the parents have a better control of their children.

Supporting arguments

Through homeschooling, the students can be in a position to gain more knowledge as compared to the students in the public schools. This is because using homeschooling the students can study many things. Besides, the through homeschooling various curriculum can be designed. Homeschooling ensures that the teacher is able to control the learning process of the students hence making the students gain more knowledge (Salem, 2012). Besides, quality can be maintained in the homeschooling increasing the chances of making the students gain more knowledge than in public schools.

Homeschooling is more affordable than the public schools. The affordability can be because of the fact that homeschooling does not need transport. Through homeschooling, the parents do not incur high expenses for keeping their students in school. Also, the control of the costs of educating the children can be possible hence ensuring efficiency (Salem, 2012). The parents do not need to incur costs for buying uniforms and paying tuition fees like it is the case of the public schools.

Parents have control over the environment when the students are homeschooled. They can be able to stay closer to their students hence able to monitor their behavior. Violent environments in the public schools can be avoided through the use of homeschooling as the alternative. The violent environment can be avoided as homeschooling provides safer conditions free from drug abuse, racism, physical violence, unhealthy sexuality. Also, the students can be in a position to avoid bullying through the use of homeschooling (Mullan, 2016). The family togetherness can be guaranteed as through homeschooling the students can spend more time with the family. As a result, the parents can be able to shape the character development of their children.

Counter arguments

There are some arguments that have been against homeschooling. For instance, some people have been arguing that homeschooled students fail to develop their social skills. The homeschooled students are said to lack the chance and the time to create friendship hence making them antisocial. However, the students are likely to develop bad behavior through interacting with other students who have bad behavior. They can then fail to learn from the other students as they individually learn from their homes (National Home Education Research Institute, 2016). The people who are against homeschooling do argue that the students who are homeschooled are likely to lack essential social skills. This is because the school setting assists children in developing their socialization behavior through extra-curricular activities. Spending more time with the family members does not help the students develop the necessary attitude towards others making them face some challenges in the future, as they become grown-ups.

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