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Hyundai: Advertisement Identification

Hyundai: Advertisement Identification

The Product: Hyundai

Hyundai is a South Korean multinational company that manufactures commercial vehicles, automobiles and vehicle engines. Hyundai was founded in 1967. The Hyundai Motor Company is part of the Hyundai Motor Group, along with Kia Motors. The company’s headquarters are in Seoul, South Korea. Currently, the company is the fourth largest motor vehicle manufacturer in the world.

The company started off as the Hyundai Engineering and Construction Company, founded by Chung Ju-Yung in 1947. In 1968, the Hyundai Motor Company partnered with the Ford Motor Company to produce its first vehicle model, the Cortina. During its formative years, the company hired many foreign professionals, most British. It made its one millionth car in 1985, which saw the company start employing its own technology for new models. The Genesis Motors is a new luxury car brand by Hyundai, launched on the fourth of November, 2015. The Hyundai Genesis is the item of this commercial.

The Product Class

In marketing, products are classified into various groups. One very common classification is into consumer products and industrial products. Consumer goods can be divided into three groups: Shopping goods, convenience goods, and specialty goods (Holton, 1958).

Specialty goods are those that the customer considers very special, and as such, would go to great lengths to acquire them. In most instances, price does not matter. These goods are therefore not distributed widely (Holton, 1958). Convenience goods are those for which the consumer puts in a minimum amount of effort. These goods are distributed extensively. They are advertized nationally and ought to be available in every outlet possible. Their unit value is low, and their prices are standardized greatly (Holton, 1958).

Shopping goods are not distributed very widely. The customers usually go around comparing the goods and their values. With shopping goods, differences in sales come about as a result of the retailer’s ability to make their products stand out (Holton, 1958). This can be achieved by discount prices and promotions. The Hyundai Genesis is an example of shopping goods.

The type of advertising appeal

The Hyundai Genesis advertisement features Kevin Hart, a popular American actor as a father who is protective of his daughter to a point where he scares off her date. Casting a celebrity is a good method of marketing. It shows that he endorses the product. In America, the opinions of celebrities are held in high regard, and as such, a celebrity endorsement goes a long way in marketing a product (Erdogan, 1999).

The commercial also employs humor, which is a key factor in catching an audience’s attention. The commercial advertizes the Hyundai Genesis, with special emphasis on its CarFinder feature, which is used to track the vehicle. The father tracks the car to every location that his daughter and the date stop at. It explores a father’s love for and protection of his daughter, a theme that is popular in many circles. In fact, fathers have commonly joked that their daughters are not allowed to date until they are at least fifty years old. The inclusion of this in the commercial grabs the attention of the audience, with a humorous touch to it.

The Hyundai Genesis advertisement is a Super Bowl commercial, which might be among its key features. The Super Bowl is the biggest annual football event in the United States of America. It has, over the years, been the most watched television program in America. In 2014 alone, the Super Bowl was watched by about 168 million people (Reuters, 2014). Placing the commercial to air during the Super Bowl commercial breaks gets the Hyundai Genesis advertisement maximum viewership, which achieves efficient marketing.


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