Human Rights Reflective Essay Example

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Human Rights Reflective Essay

From the International Human Rights lecture, it becomes clearer that there is a universal consensus that all people are assured of certain basic rights under any situation, including certain civil rights, political rights, as well as the right to life, fundamental freedoms and human dignity.

The lecture provided me with a broad introduction to human rights and human wrongs. While I had initially thought that I am well-versed in the topic of human rights, including its meaning, I now realise that my knowledge was limited to the legal rights. However, human rights are actually a combination of both legal and moral rights. Further research of the topic allowed for further understanding that human rights are inherently universal, based on facts, inalienable and indivisible.

Clearly, human rights articulate the need for justice for all, respect to human dignity, and mutual respect and tolerance for all humanity. Indeed, when I absorb myself in lecture notes on human rights, it becomes more apparent that human rights appears as designed to underscore the idea that all people are a component of the scope of justice and morality and that protecting people’s human rights implies making sure that they are granted an acceptable level of decent humane treatment.

On the other hand, denying people human rights amounts to denying them their fundamental moral entitlements, and, therefore, treating them as lesser humans and unworthy of dignity, respect and life. However, a review of the news media ascertains that human rights violations still dominate parts of the world, including modern-day slavery in parts of the Middle East where foreign domestic workers are treated as lesser humans, mass killing of more than 400 people in Burundi during the 2015 post-election violence, and rape culture in India, where rapists are likely to get away with the crime as women victims suffer emotionally and physically.

Hence, while advocacy of human rights is ongoing the world over on full-scale, I still feel a need to evaluate its impact to discover why human rights violations have declined in some parts of the world and not others.

Overall, I have become more knowledgeable about the significance of human rights, and it is now my turn to apply the knowledge at my workplace, and the larger society. In laying claims to the human rights, I accept the responsibility to avoid infringing on the rights of other individuals and to support individuals whose rights are violated or denied.

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