Human Resources- Demonstration of Technique Essay Example

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Human Resource Policy

The workers of Townsville are strictly required to follow a systematic and descriptive expenditure incurred sheet against any such expenses which take place during the due course of their duty.

Each reimbursement claim must be filled in a proper charting format along with the voucher attached. The claim spreadsheet must contain the specific department name like sales and marketing, Administration, Executive, Operations, Dispatch, Logistics, Expenses type.

The item is to be chosen from the list of Food & Drinks, Taxi, Printing & Stationery, Cleaning Airfares, Accommodation, Fuel, Books & Magazines and Phone.

The data entry must be entered in text only with proper date and time, within 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Also the proper client ID number is to be mentioned. The data must be written in italics and proper bullet numbering. The purchase or estimated amount is also to be mentioned.

For any expenses claim the format shout be as follows:

  • Name of the Employee:

  • Date of Purchase:

  • Department:

  • Type of Expense:

  • Description:

  • Client ID Number:

  • Purchase Amount:

  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy:

Any Injury or Hazard Claim Form should be:

  • Date of Incident:

  • Name of the Person Submitted Report:

  • Time of Incident/Hazard:

  • Location of Incident/Hazard:

  • Description of Incident/Hazard:

  • Person Involved:

  • Witnesses:

  • Injuries Sustained:

  • Description of Injuries:

  • Action taken to minimize Hazard:

  • Professional Development Policy: