Case Study Report: Нumаn Resource Management in a Global Economy Essay Example

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Case Study Report: Нumаn Resource Management in a Global Economy


1. Issues arising from the case study

2. Strategic Solutions.

3. Development of Change management programs and training


Lack of Communication

There is a Communication breakdown in the higher level of departments in the organization. The company has different departmental sections led by various managers and administration officers. Worth noting was that the senior management teams between the departments do not relate with each other.

There is also a lack of interaction between the senior management staff and their subordinate staff in each department across the company. The workers based at Australia do not want to embrace change nor improvement of the product. The heads of department have also refused to collaborate with other heads from subsidiary companies like Singapore, China, and Vietnam.

Low quality products

The production of quality air crafts has decreased tremendously. The company chief executive officer, Mr. Adam O’Meara noted that clients are complaining about the quality of aircraft that «No name aircraft company trades with over 50 countries by selling them air crafts. The said countries now have either refused to place any more orders or refused to pay for the air crafts that have been supplied and do not meet the stipulated class. This has led to a major financial crisis in the company. The government and non-governmental organizations that buy air crafts from no name company have given a six-month duration, failure to which they will stop doing business with them.

Structural management in the «NO name company has also greatly influenced in the rundown of the company. A key to note is that there is a lot resentment from the staff who hold various technical work. They won’t without supervision and the won’t also allow the supervisors to check their work. The senior technical staff resents the junior technical staff who refer them as «recruits». Ben brown a member of the harness team responsible for assembly of air crafts quotes» there is no integration across the teams» this is brought about by fewer team players and lack of work specification from the team leaders of each sub-technical department to the other.

The subsidiary departments from china and Singapore are disturbed by this lack of enough information and relevant instruction from the main branch in Australia. Mr. Adam O’Meara the company Chief executive officer has been put to task by the subsidiary companies into clarification of information passed

Low diversity program

The company management has not been observing the diversity culture rule according to the companies laid rules. Notably, the gender, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities, and ethnicity are some of the problems being experienced by the departments.

Where a certain group of staff does not relate with another member of a certain community or a different gender group. This has greatly influenced the company’s performance. The senior management has played a great part in this as they also play bias when it comes to relating with their subordinates from other ethnic or other philosophies.

The level of discipline is way below average as the No Name company rules and regulations are no longer valued by the workers. The management from the headquarters is skeptical to working with employees of a certain age. There is a strained relationship between the senior employees and the apprentices in the various departments.

Evidently, the employment and hiring of staff is solely left to the senior departmental managers in china who are biased when it comes to employment new staff or promoting the in staff in the company. They do not hire candidates with physical disabilities regardless of qualification. They disregard any application from disabled potential employees. Mr. Adam O’ Meara has expressed concern over this employment discrimination of employees and cites that the company could be sued over such allegations.

The human resource department does not offer employees motivational talks into relating with each other in the company. The staff training on how to handle each other and work together as a team is not conducted according to requirements of each operational company.

International management crisis

There is an underachievement at the international managerial level which is connected to international appraisal. The company is not embracing such goals and appraisals at such levels are lacking. The reviews are only conducted at the human resources department in Australia where they don’t allow room for negotiations in the subsidiary companies. They do not consider performance appraisals to the expatriates.

The main company in Australia is known to ignore the calls of the expatriates at the expense of the economic facts influencing the company goals. A top manager is reported quoted as saying that they are in much pressure to perform in Australia and hard to survive to escalating costs and expectations’


Most human resource departments face challenges in their enforcement policies and day to day running of their companies. The following are some of the key solutions that no man company needs to apply to efficiently recover the company run down. Above issues and challenged being faced by «No Name Company at the base and as well as international level.

Ethical Communication

The human resource department should have principles and practices governing and highlighting communication management at the No Name Company. Communication at every level in the company should be monitored. This is essentially important in maintaining a cordial representation of various departments. Departmental meetings should be encouraged to discuss issues arising from any sector.

Quality Production

«No Name company» has in the recent past been manufacturing substandard aircraft and air crafts spare parts. The Chief executive officer Mr. Adam O’Meara confirmed this. The human resources should ensure that quality productivity levels are maintained to ensure the business operates efficiently. My research revealed that the level and quality of production is low. The main cause that needed to be addressed is poor working practices and lack of efficient resources. This will be achieved by vetting the departmental heads for qualifications that fit in the job requirement.

A study should be carried out to help them define how things are who does. This study is referred as Time and Motion (T&M) (Taylor 76). This conditioned survey of time and output helps to improve and increased productivity and production. Using such an integrated human resource can help identify unrealized efficiency gains and create a path for future business projections and expansion. The human resource and the departmental heads can use this data to analyze and retain a platform for other product quality changes.

No name company must also source improved labor and skills to ensure high-quality air crafts are manufactured. Through and routine checkup of the manufacturing machines need to be emphasized. This will ensure timely and efficient work output.


No Name company has been experiencing recruitment crisis. The senior management did not want to give an opportunity to new job applicants. Planning or recruitment drives through social media or print media is encouraged as this will give new brains and expertise. With the current wave of the information communication and technology, there is a need to employee staff who are conversant with the technology.

China being one of the company’s subsidiaries, there should be a law to discourage discrimination of people with disability. Equal employment opportunities to all applicants who qualify as per No Names’ employment procedure.

By hiring a recruitment agency to assist in sourcing the professionals to join their team and company, some of the advantages gained are:

Knowledge of the market

The recruitment consultants hired by the agencies have great in-depth information and expertise in the market. They are well versed with the hiring trends. The aircraft manufacturing company will have a clear insight into what the rival companies are giving to the same level positions. This will help the company avoid setting for themselves hard and impractical undertakings of encouraging service into the company. They will help the company target the right candidates for the job

Extended reach

Due to the skills margin that manufacturing industry is experiencing, the recruitment agency will assist in reaching up widely to the market. Advertising on media or other boards is tedious and very expensive and mostly attracts all kinds of applicant. This will waste time for the company human resource department trying to peruse the applications. The said time could otherwise be used to run other productive work within the company. job boards tend to charge a lot more for job posting if you are not buying in bulk. Many quality and qualified candidates like to stay off the job media postings as they already have existing recruitment relationships, which reduces the company’s ability to reach and engage with them.

Assist in selling their brand

A major key driver in the candidate’s decision-making process when looking for a new job is the brand. It will also help the aircraft company by attracting the top talents by offering to sell their brand and opportunities to the wider circle. This is in line with the international communication. The hiring agent will operate with highly skilled recruitment consultants and they will help the company in selling opportunities to the right and qualified candidate.

Time saved

Engaging in a company recruitment drive can be tedious and time consuming for the company. Seeking the hand of an agency will save time and at the same time help the senior management and the human resource department in handling and focusing on other important matters in the company.

Future relationships

The company will build a long-lasting business relationship with recruitment agency of their choice. This will largely extend to a cordial benefit as any other future hires will be quicker and easier to perform.


Change in leadership and management

The management team of the No Name Company has stuck up in the same department from the headquarters extending to the subsidiaries in China, Singapore, and Vietnam. It’s worth noting that change in management and leadership brings in new and fresh ideas to the company. This can be achieved by laying out effective strategies in the management methodology. Embracing change in the leadership and management level at the No Name company allows better and healthy competition with other competitors in the field more so in Australia where we have a variety of aircraft manufacturing firms. Evidently, higher profits will be realized with the new development of new skills and products. It will also help in dealing effectively with any proposed new direction and schedule.

Restructuring management will assist the head of departments as individuals to realize the importance of change and work towards embracing it and moving forward. They will also be getting an opportunity to diversify their capability in trying out and gaining new skills

The company will realize that through open communication and discussions brought about by new management methodology, individuals such employees, stakeholders and customers will feel greatly involved in the outcome as thy they have helped implement the plan.

Steps that need to be taken

There are steps that must be taken to ensure success as every firm needs to set change goals to stay competitive in the ever-fluctuating market.

Involving management that was previously operating. No name company employees should look up to their leaders in dealing with matters arising within and guiding them along the process. This will be achieved by making sure that the senior staff from Australia and the subsidiary countries are fully invested in the change. The human resource team will be tasked with informing every staff member locally and internationally the reasons behind the change. It can be done through emails, departmental meetings, and teleconferencing or notice board memos.

No name company should identify leaders who will take the company through the transition and help them realize and lift the company goals. They are needed to take charge and help with the intended change throughout the whole manufacturing firm. the senior management involved with the company strategic change will address each employee affected by the plan and lay out new roles assigned to them.

No name company can apply the «cascade» method which has proved to be the most efficient link in making sure that employees in any level accept any intended change (Michael et al., 463) .

No name needs to bring employees together as there have been noted cases of some of the staff look down. For change to be implemented effectively, all staff members need to embrace and become the standard bearers of any project within the company.

Program development and planning

To avoid spiraling effect on the entire company training is required from time to time. Lot of issues arising from no name company are left in the dark and the employees between various departments don’t communicate effectively. The senior leaders in the company are not open to listening to the junior staff to actively find a solution.

The human resource will resolve this issue by engaging in development programs and training sessions that will help themselves improve their leadership and engage the other members of staff.

The benefits of training your employees

The programs are designed to enhance the employee’s work and personal life, even if it might mean they must sacrifice e their extra hours. This will lead to optimum growth and development of the company.

  1. Uncovering employee potential within the company

The company has been overlooking the staff potential lead roles within the workforce. Due to lack of training programs and exposure the said talents and skills are not utilized.

The employees of No Name Company will be allowed to attend training programs provided by the firm. This will allow the firm to spot the potentials and the employees will be able to have an opportunity to uncover the hidden skill and further utilize and develop them. It allows the company to invest in the potential skills and knowledge of the staff.

  1. Knowledge on new industry trends

By No Name Company engaging its employees in the said training programs, it will be exposing them to chances of understanding the current trend and latest developments within the industry. The world is industrially developing and evolving and as such machinery plants are changing too. In such cases, the employees will be at par with the technology. This will help the in the production of quality products and deal with the competitive market out there.

  1. Improve work relationship between them

Engaging the employees in training programs will bring about less work confrontation. Regardless of the role within the company the training offer a voice to air individuals’ opinion. They will be at free to interrelate with each other in the training discussion. This also helps relieve tension between the senior management, middle-level management, and the subordinate staff.

The improve work relation will help stress management and other diversity and culture discrimination.

  1. Increased Productivity

Evidently, the CEO Mr. Adam O’Meara believes that the productivity has tremendously decreased due to factors of laxity in the firm. By engaging in leadership development and training, to increased productivity is guaranteed.

  1. Understanding the key Expectations of the employees

The training programs are designed to enable the company senior management board realizes the expectations that the employees might have.

  1. Engaging in Revision of goals and vision

It is a perfect setting to remind the employees of the long-term goals that the company’s vision and goals through implementing programs and training opportunities company in order to achieve the desired results

As the outsources human resource consultant, I have no doubt that the above report will help the company stand on its feet again

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