HSE101 Practical Assignment — oxygen uptake

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HSE101 Practical Assignment - oxygen uptake

HSE101 Principles of Exercise & Sport Science

Practical Assignment – Submaximal Exercise Testing

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  1. , explains what it measures and describes some of the most important ways that it can be used in health and sport.2maxWrite a short paragraph that, defines VO

.Dideriksen, and Mikkelsen, 2015)is also used in the health context to reduce the risks of stroke and diabetes where they individuals are encouraged to exercise and train to reduce the risks (2max level to ensure effective and maximum aerobic fitness which reduces the chances of cardiac diseases. The VO2max level as they can easily suffer from premature death particularly from the cardiovascular diseases. The health officers advices people to increase their VO2max is important as it helps to determine the risk that is associated with those with low VO2max. Health wise, the VOBak, Björkman, Hellenius, and Ekblom, 2014)‐Ekblom measures the body’s rate of oxygen consumed per kilogram of the body mass which helps to determine the performance endurance of an individual. The system can be used in health and support to do the following the activities. First, the test can be used by the athletes to determine the speed and the effort they can apply in running to avoid reduction in their speed and distance to be covered. The athlete also uses the same test to determine the amount of oxygen that he or she requires to use in a specific run. Also in sports, the test helps the athletes to increaser and improves their oxygen consumption to ensure that they can be fit to attain a given level of maximum oxygen consumption to help in performing in the specific sports field (2maxVO. The Bak, Björkman, Hellenius, and Ekblom, 2014)‐Ekblomis the maximum oxygen uptake that a body can use during a specified period of intense exercise and it is determined by the weight of the body as well as the strength of the lungs (2max VO

  1. Provide a chart of heart rate (vertical axis) versus power (horizontal axis). The chart should indicate the heart rate and power at each stage of the test and lines that show HRmax and predicted peak power output.

HSE101 Practical Assignment - oxygen uptake 1

  1. Provide a complete table of your main results (table 3. in the prac notes). Write a brief explanation of why the results are expressed as «per kilogram» of body mass



PWC170 (power output)

2.79 W.kg–1

Predicted VO2 at (PWC170)

40.39 ml.kg–1.min–1

Maximum Power (Peak power)

3.11 W.kg–1

Predicted VO2max

44.56 ml.kg–1.min–1

making the test to be easily expressed per kilogram mass. 2max is always expressed per kilogram of the body mass to give the unit a more useful measure of oxygen consumption per kilogram of the body mass. The expression give the clear indication as to why athletes can absorb the same amount of oxygen but only lighter athletes will have greater distribution of oxygen per kilogram of body mass. Also, the body weight in kilograms is easily evaluated and comparable as compared to any other factors that affects the VO2maxThe result for the VO

  1. Provide answers to the following questions, writing several sentences for each.

    1. you reported compare with normative values and what does this indicate about the fitness of this person?2maxHow does the predicted VO

value due to the age bracket that he lies. The value shows that the person is probably free from any risky diseases that can attack due to lack of fitness like stroke and diabetes.2maximplies that the individual can easily practice and get involved in many activities or games up to a certain level without developing any complications. The data for the individual in question confirms that the person is fit and can be trained at all aspects of the training and can still improve the VO2max . The value lies within the bracket for being determined as good in relation to the age and gender of the individual whom I put into test. Being good in the normative value for the VOTruong, 2015)(-1 .min-1value. This is due to the fact that my choice for test was male with the age range between 20-29 and his value was noted at 44.56 ml.kg2max of the person I used for my test compares with the normative values and is categorized a good VO2max VO

    1. Explain the benefits and limitations of a submaximal test in comparison to a maximal exercise test.

. Heyward and Gibson, 2014)Submaximal test has the following benefits over the maximal exercise test. First, it can be administered to any individual at various fitness levels without changing the test for different fitness level. Secondly, the test is time-efficient as is does not require relocation but only using the same test machine for all the tests. Thirdly, the test is cost effective as it requires little concentration and preparation before taking on the test as the tools in use are always simple and easy to understand, which do not require costly trainings. Lastly, the test provides accurate information and date for the individual under fitness as it provides all the required data in a single exercise testing. However, the test has some limitations as below; first, it is associated with the physiological stress that possess danger to the people who are impaired. Secondly, the test requires a large space to take care of the individual under test in case of the muscle failure (

    1. .2maxDescribe the physiological factors that determine VO

.Bak, Björkman, Hellenius, and Ekblom, 2014)‐Ekblom(2max of an individual as from its unit of expression, the larger the body weight or mass the reduction the usage intake due to increased surface for oxygen distribution. Lastly, is the lean body mass which has it different correlations with the body as it is relates to 0.63 with the body mass meaning, the higher the body mass the higher the lean body mass affecting the VO2max as the maximum intake in oxygen is directly proportional to the height and the body surface area since the oxygen usage would be easily distributed in the body of the individual encourage more oxygen intake and increase in the lungs capacity. Fourthly, the body weight also affects the VO2maxof an individual as maximum oxygen uptake reduces by 10% per decade irrespective of gender and the exercise activity that an individual is involved into. Thirdly, the size of an individual affects the VO2max than males since males are involved in too much energy involving and active activities than men which opens up their lungs for the oxygen intake. Secondly, the age of an individual affects the VO2max of an individual; first is the sex of an individual, females tend to have lower VO2maxThe following physiological factors affects the VO

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