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Human Resource (HR) Strategic Planning for a manufacturing Company

Introductory statement

This strategic plan is developed for a duration of three years minimum. The company under focus is a highly innovative company that hopes to shift to a smaller more skilled and more effective human resource base. It is their goal to achieve a service-based plan that is sound and profitable. Since the organization liaises with the county government, the enablers include the mayor, human resources, technology, the managers, and the council. The plan looks into the leadership, the organizational design, the value, performance, measurement, and communication in the organizational strategy. The human resource strategy focuses on staffing and recruitment, adjustment of the workforce, classification, training and personal development, the planning of human resources and compensation.

Background statement

For a long time, the organization has experienced a high turnover and huge losses as a result of the many hires and high costs as a result of the salaries given to the employees. After looking into the human resources, there was a discovery of the numerous number of workers that take up minor roles that could have otherwise been handles by one person handling another role. However, there is the problem of the lack of varied skills among the employees. That leaves the situation bad with no hope for a solution.

Organizational structure

The organization consists of a solid structure that has worked effectively over the years.


To develop a motivated, driven, skilled, and potential;-maximized team to accomplish the necessary duties in good time and with the efficiency that is required.

Key features: Multi-skilled employees that are helpful, knowledgeable, professional, honest, and team players.

There is the need for all human resources to discard the not-my-job mentality, clear and effective communication by all, team work, honesty, accuracy, and helpfulness.

Mission statement

The mission of the company and the new strategy is to form a group of employees that contribute their diverse knowledge and skills towards the development of the county in infrastructure, opportunities, knowledge, and political awareness.

Problem statement

The reasons behind the strategic planning include excess human resources, limited skills among the available human resources, lack of efficiency and smooth flow of information across departments, and poor management by top managers.

SWOT analysis

SWOT Analysis


The indirect involvement of the federal government and the direct involvement by the mayor gives it more opportunities to flourish and gain the trust of potential multi-skilled human resources and highly skilled human resources.


There is the weakness of the lack of the possession of multiple skills by the employees, the ‘not-my-job’ mentality among the employees which kills team work, and the lack of helpfulness which causes communication breakdown and is highly detrimental to the success of the organization.


The lack of multi-skilled employees across most organizations of the same nature, the availability of millennials-most of who are multi-skilled- as the majority of the potential, the likelihood of the request from other similar organizations for human resources to their companies as contractors (that gives the company the opportunity to make use of such employees to gather relevant information from such organizations for application in company better practices)

Other foreign competitor organizations with greater capital and highly skilled employees.


One of the most effective evaluation strategy is the tracking of KPIs[ CITATION GIv12 l 1033 ]. In this case, it includes productivity, team work, accurate conveyance of information, honesty as per the records submitted by the heads of departments and other employees, and the reduction of complaints in relation to malicious operations within the company. There shall be a continuous documentation of the progress of the changes.

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