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Hewlett-Packard Pty Ltd.

1. Introduction

Hewlett-Packard enterprise (HPE) is a global technology company. The Enterprise is a venture focused business with four departments. Enterprise group works in servers, storage, networking, consultation as well as support. The company was founded as well as maintained after the slit and the company maintained the original NYSE ticker symbol for the Hewlett-Packard as well as realised the largest sales, whilst the enterprise’s ticker symbol was created as HPE. The company is a subsidiary of HP enterprise strategic business units. It was incorporated by the combination of HP’s legacy services and outsourcing business as well as integration of purchased electronic data system. The company has workers of more than 139600 in more than 60 nations. The company was ranked as the largest service company on the fortune 500 list with more than 2000 customers[ CITATION Nor99 l 1033 ].

2. Company Background Information

The company was incorporated by William Redington and David Packard in Palo Alto. The company at first produced a line of electronic test apparatus. HP was the global leading PC producer from 2007 to 2013, after which Lenovo became the leading produce. It specialized in development of computing, data storage as well as networking hardware devise. Hewlett-Packard enterprise events entail the spin-off of its electronic as well as bio-analytics appraisals apparatus part of the company business. In the year 2002, the company merged with Compaq and the purchase of EDS in 2009 lead to combination of revenue totalling $118.4 million in the year 2008. In November 2009, the company publicize the purchase of 2com with the contract being closed on 2010 April 12th. The company public the buyout of Palm, inc in the year 201 28th April with acquisition value of $2.07 billion in 3par. this competitive strategy by Hewlett-Packard led to a decline in the level of com[petition by Dell[ CITATION Ter07 l 1033 ].

A. Major Brands owned in Australia
HPe company HPe company  1HPe company  2HPe company  3HPe company  4
Figure.1: Major brands produced in Australia

The main product produce by Hewlett-Packard in Australia entails the personal computing, storage devices, assort of printers and power cables as well as other Imaging products. HP focuses its product marketing to households, small to medium size enterprise directly and through online supply, consumer electronics as well as office distribution retailers across Australia. HPE as well had services as well as consultation business around its products and partner product[ CITATION Dav131 l 1033 ].

b. HPE Financial performance

Cost of revenue

Gross profit

Figure 2; financial performance of HPEHPe company  5 Source;

e. HPE’s Customers

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Networking led to growth of its customers to more than 30,000 across the globe with wide assortment of market and industries. This is because, the main customer for HPE are form US, UK and Australia, which makes the company to abandon the in store marketing agencies and focus on other growing clients such as retails, household, as well as SME enterprise which makes the company to realise growth in customer base and reported net profit as depicted in the table above[ CITATION Col05 l 1033 ].

3. Supply Chain Structure

HPe company  6

HPe company  7

Figure.2: HPE Supply Chain Structure

The value chain, the sustainable development of societal starts with the supplier who delivers the company’s product and services. The company employs many people covering 6 continent as well as more than 46 nations and regions. The company is committed to enhancing the health and well0being of people working in the supply chain and guarantees that they have the chance of fair, secure and voluntary labor. The intricate and dynamic supply chain supports the business success. Business and consumers demanding electronic products as well as services is growing very fast and the company is committed to being adaptive within the supply chain to provide support supply of global class products and services that adhere to customer’s expectations.

The accountability of the company’s supply chain plan aids guaranteeing the steadiness of the company supply lines as well as standards of the products by recognizing as well as addressing supply chain threats[ CITATION Pau00 l 1033 ].

The supply chain for the company as depicted in the above figure 3 implies that the company is having a comprehensive supply chain which considers as the best in the world of technology, this is attributes that makes Hewlett-Packard one of the Australia leading technology and consultation firms with customer base of more than 30,000. The implication is that the company (HPE) is going to realize and increase revenue with a decline in level of completion making the company the price leader across Australia.

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