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A conflict can simply be defined as a struggle between opposing forces. The two types of conflicts are internal and external. Internal conflicts are struggles inside a character’s mind i.e. character verses self while as external conflicts are struggles between an outside force and the main character as for our example we can base this conflict as an external conflict since it is involving the staff member’s plans and an external force from his head chef to attend work during an “on standby” while as other plans were made for the “on standby.”

After receiving the call from the head chef other that external conflict between the head chef and his plan to attend the interview he also had an internal conflict this is because he struggled in his mind if he was to continue with his plan to attend the interview or cancel the interview and go work to fill in for the ill staff member. The head of chef might view the situation negatively towards his employer this is because she is angry that his employer is not willing to avail himself for work unless it’s a working day because his response was that he will not make it to work. However, this can be said to be prejudgment since the employer has another reason why he will not make it to work. The employee might view this situation as a conflict since he had planned to go for an interview on this day. He seems confused after receiving the call from the head chef asking him to avail to work since he has to decide whether to go to work or show up for the interview.

The head chef however hugs up on the conversation since she gets angry with his employer she did not seem interested to know why he will not make it to work. However, she could have been patient and asked the reason why he could not make it to replace the ill employee this would have helped her understand why he will not make it hence she could not get angry with him.

To solve the conflict the employee should call the head chef to explain to her why she will not make it to replace the ill employer. This will help since the head chef seems very angry with him thus she might understand her and look for another staff member to replace the ill employee thus building a good relationship between him and the head chef. This would be the best solution since the head chef will look for another person to call to work.

The company should come up with policies that will help them resolve solutions like this in the future. Example: they can employ more works in case a situation like this happens the remaining staffs are able to carry out their responsibilities comfortably. If the conflict was not resolved the business might loss customers due to poor services at the hotel caused by the less number of staffs. The employee could end up losing his job since he did give a relevant reason why she won’t be available to replace the ill employee.

A communication skill is the ability to communicate effectively your superiors in your work place. The head chef is however entitled to observe empathy which is the ability to understand and respect their point view as for why he will not make it to work. To avoid this conflict the employee could have told the head chef that he has serious matters to attend to during his on standby hence she could have not called him.


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