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How Poverty Relates To the Geography

How poverty relates to the geography of where people choose to live

It is surprising how poverty is related to geography this is evident in countries with the hottest temperatures most of them are the poorest. While, those with colder temperatures are regarded to be richer surely this is not a coincidence but there must be something about climate which influences the economic growth of a particular region. This correlation is one that people living in countries with warmer temperatures are likely to experience more diseases that slow down the rate of productivity. The environment in these countries is considered favorable for bacteria and virus to thrive since they can survive for long periods in hot temperatures (The Argentina Independent, 2014).

Moreover, insects such as mosquitoes which do well in hot environment tend to die very fast in colder countries especially during the winter season. Therefore, this means that people living in countries within the tropical regions suffer more from chronically sick illnesses such as malaria, sleeping sleekness and Dengue fever. These diseases are major hindrance to economic development because if people are sick, they will be less productive they will off from work thus end up producing less (The Argentina Independent, 2014). From an economic point of view, sicknesses decrease the annual productivity of a country thus reducing the GDP.

Countries with a large percentage occupied by the desert spend more of their resources importing food producers because it’s very hard for them to grow food in such conditions. For instance, England experiences huge amount of rainfall it is for this region that the country is in a position to grow and surplus products for export.


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