How i feel after the oral presentation Essay Example

Reflections on the Oral Presentation

An oral presentation is where a person can present to an audience, his or her knowledge of a particular subject area. Oral presentations are a common component in the educational curriculum and students are often called upon to make such presentations in groups or individually. I felt that the recent oral presentation was a great opportunity for students like me to sharpen our presentation skills as well as get a good exposure to effective public speaking. It helped in few key ways.

One of the most worthwhile outcomes of the oral presentation for me was the experience that I gained in speaking in front of an audience. The fact that I am speaking in front of my class mates who are similarly tensed of the presentation eased by trepidation at the beginning. As I progressed with it, the tension was replaced with confidence as I had practiced the presentation many times. getting the presentation material prepared and also being timely in preparation as well as during the presentation.

The oral presentation also helped me apply my knowledge of creating a good power point presentation. The tips I read on creating a good power point presentation encouraged me to use pictures and multimedia, graphs and sounds to gain the audience attention. The need for keeping the presentation concise and uncluttered was stressed in all sources of advice. I also realized that by doing independent projects such as presentations, students get a chance to engage in learning outside the class room. It helps in developing our own personal knowledge search habits which I feel will be essential at higher study levels.

Another point which came in to my mind during the oral presentation session was that when many students makes presentations, you get the chance to see the same topic in different perspectives and different information comes to view. This helps enlarge our knowledge of the subject in many folds and in a very interesting and memorable way. So, it is justifiable to say that oral presentations are a good mode of interactive teaching.

Overall, I felt that I performed well in my oral presentation. I realized that some limitations such as not having used sufficient graphs needs to be improved in future. Another weakness was that I had not printed presentation notes for the class which would have made the presentation more effective and helped the audience take down notes easily and helped them concentrate more on the presentation than writing their own notes. In conclusion, I think the oral presentation sessions are very important to sharpen many essential skills in students and should be used often.