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How do retailers like David Jones add value to the marketing system? Does an online retailer like Scorptec add value in the same manner? Essay Example

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How Retailers Add Value to the Marketing System

How Retailers Add Value to the Marketing System


Commerce has transformed the perception of consumer relationship and the conduct of businesses operations. A business is not only concerned with the purchasing and selling of services and products but also maintenance of that relationship with consumers. Since this is the core functionality of businesses, each business should be unique, differentiate itself from other businesses and offer different and handsome services that overwhelm its competitors to add value to the marketing system. The different characteristics of retail stores and online retail stores cater to consumers in the significance of explicit values and benefits.

David Jones has invented and advertised its strategic direction in the future to project the business into a success, this include investing in new traded Information Technology system, and new web store among others. Additionally, the company is investing in initiatives involving customer service and engagement and refurbishments. Consumers become submerged with the environment in their first visit to David Jones (RLI, 2012).

The consumer service in David Jones includes the layout of the store that entails the comfort and the indulgence of consumers to make their shopping time worthwhile. As it is stated, ‘shopping is about theatre of the mind’ where one not only purchases items but the shopping environment adds to one’s experience (LeevisBang1, 2013). According to Jones, initiatives like increased floor staff hours in relation to sales, new floor staff supervisor roles introduced, introduction of new sales specialists, constant investment in frontline sales training and enhanced frontline staff incentives have been implemented.

Stokely (2006) contends that Scorptec (just like David Jones), carries a great deal performance technology goods including videocards, notebooks, hard disks, CPUs, wireless networking equipment among others. To add, new on store includes Logitech MX Revolution Mouse, a high multimedia player with an internal hard disk and LAN connectivity. Scorptec also has small businesses where main customers are and has also established good consumer-supplier relationship by selling quality parts for subsistence. Besides, it acquires a double-storey building in Rowville with 600 square metre of space and plenty of on-site parking that is intriguing.

Additionally, though the online store may not seem to be a good service to customers, Scorptec’s site is designed like a hub for best customer service with a dedicated technical team. Besides, walk-in customers are taught how to order online. Consumers can place and track orders, lodge warranty claims or request quotes by logging in their site. This simplifies warranty handling for customers- they would not need a purchase proof since warranty claim is done online in their accounts (Stokely, 2006). This distinguishes Scorptec from other retailers who may charge for a warranty service or give shorter warranty terms unlike Scorptec who offer full term warranty and does not charge fees for warranty returns thus adding value to the marketing system.


In conclusion, excellent progress has currently been made by David Jones implementing strategic direction plan and the company is certain that the investments it has made will project it into a successful business. On the other hand, Scorptec’s Rowville expansion marked a new era for the company and with this the company is growing and has focus into different IT areas and its sites. Though the two companies are unique, some of their strategies resemble and both have focus and direction to add value to the marketing system.

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