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How comparable to actual task situations must training methods be to provide effective training Essay Example

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Literature Review

Research has shown that training in the aviation industry can lead to better performance among the employees. Effective training methods in the aviation industry lead to better performance of the employee involved in tasks such as flight operations, and maintenance training. According to Lateef (349) human performance in the aviation industry is influenced by the situation that one is facing. Their interaction with the task and environment as well as the behavior of other team members will influence how they perform of the job. This shows to the relative importance of aligning training methods to actual tasks situations. In an industry where zero errors are tolerated, employees should be trained on the actual tasks they are going to perform after the training to ensure that they are aware of what is expected of them. Effective training on actual task situations helps in maintaining a culture of safety in aviation where employees are expected not to deviate for set standards of performance (355).

One of the effective training methods that have been used in the aviation industry is simulation-based learning. This type of training equips employees with knowledge, skills along with attitudes that help them perform better in actual situations. For example, in case of an emergency, the employees are shown how to safely evacuate the occupants of an aircraft in an orderly manner without causing further harm. Moreover, effective training methods help the employees gain skill that can help them work as a team effectively. Simulation-based training allocates each employee a given task during the training process, and this helps the employees get prepared in advance in case they are faced with similar situations in future.

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