How are values explored in your set test Essay Example

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Referring to the movie the castle by Rob Sitch’s that was released in 1997 has sufficient outline in the demonstrating the importance of values. Value is something that is critical since it influences the character and the behaviour of the either an individual or society. The movie has an outline that illustrates the Australian culture. Based on a family that is forced to vacate the premises that they believe belong to them.

The main character in the movie is Darryl who is the principal member of the family. Sitch’s brings out the aspect of household happiness through the character of Darryl. “Also, his feelings affected the whole family, if he is feeling sad everyone in the family is sad, if he were happy, everyone in the family would be happy.” Therefore he influences the mood and the feeling of everyone in the household. He valued due to the responsibility of fighting for the rights of the entire family. Therefore the movie brings out the value of an individual in the family setup. He is the pillar and support of the family and protects their value.

The land is something that of very much value to the family since it portrays their heritage and also the pride of belonging. Barlow group is trying to take away the culture and pride of the land that they have lived for long. Darryl together with friends is doing everything in their power to protect and claim what is legally theirs. “It would be legal and fair that a family would be allowed to live in its own house.” The land is the place that a man builds a house to live in develop. It is the same thing that is being taken away from them, and that is why they have filed a claim. The movie brings out the aspect of the value of the land.

From the film, it can be concluded that family and the land are two things that are important in the Australian culture. Despite Barlow group effort to take away the property of Darryl family, they fight back to claim their legal right to live there through the court process.

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