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Monkey, Folk novel of China

The monkey amasses aspects of carnivalesque character from the narrative. A character in a novel or tale exhibits this trait when it appears to play a comical role and is featured with androgynous features. Well, the tale opens up in an exciting vogue with the birth of the small monkey who grew up to be a master and determined to defeat Yama. The idea of monkey to be among the immortals sparks off a sense of humor as he sets off in search for three immortals (Wu Ch’eng-en 1). As monkey learns several secrets told to him by Patriarch, goes to face Demon of Havoc who has been terrorizing his community following his expulsion by Patriarch. In this case, monkey reveals the aspect to carnivalesque of liberator. The monkey liberates his community from the steel-plated demons and troop.

In another narration, it is comical that the when the monkey is at heavens and fails to prostrate for The Jade Emperor, the author articulate that the Emperor forgave the monkey because he has just learnt to be a human, that is a rational person who can reason and judge well. In addition, when monkey realizes that he has no class in heaven, he decides to build his own heaven on earth where he led his subjects were. This also manifests the character of carnivalesque in both the monkey and Emperor. Liberation is also featured in the scene where Kuan-Yin and Moksha encounter a marshal of the Emperor and offers to salivate him if he joined their denomination. Moreover, the liberation character is also exhibited by the Spirit of the Planet Venus rescues Tripitaka from an ambush by a group of ogres. Monkey is also freed by Tripitaka while he was imprisoned underneath the mountain.

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