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Effectiveness of Public Relation

Home Nursing Care

Clear and compelling aspects

Syblena Findley executive summary for skilled nursing, provides just a highlight of what needs to be done. By providing home care nursing, it is clear but the decision makers need to know which areas were covered and how they relate to taking cares of HIV patients. Secondly the summary includes the experience of the founder but more needs to be done, how many years of experience handling HIV related patients and at what levels. Thirdly, we have trained team of nurses, of which the decision makers need to know their experience in handling HIV related cases. What knowledge do they have about HIV matters?

It is also not elaborate on how they will handle patients since previously they handled terminally ill patients of which HIV patients are not in that category. The NV at home which aimed services at terminally ill patients is different since the current aspect is to be home based, tailored to specific needs of patients, unlike for the other programme which the decision makers are not told how it was being conducted.

Aspects that need work

Experience of the founder needs be expanded so that decision makers can get to know the extent that the founder has dealt with HIV related issues. Also the team of trained nurses, it needs to be known their areas of specializations, skills and for how long they have dealt with HIV cases. The NV program, it requires the executive summary to include what was the on programme all about and expound the terminal illness they handled. Enumerate cases that will make it possible to convenience the decision makers to accept their proposal. The summary also needs to include how they will address the challenges HIV patients go through, stigma, isolation and others. Also how they will ensure their patients receive personalized care that addresses their needs.

Whether the executive summary gives the decision makers all they need to know about the project, No. When above raised concerns are addressed, information included in the executive summary is not sufficient. It does not give all the information required. It does not enumerate what is required to give home care and how they are to be sourced and in all, it does not give a clear way on logistics required to offer this services.