Hind systems Essay Example



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City and State Where It Is Located

Hind Systems.


Question 1.

Hind systems specializes in the sale of computer and also IT services where there is support and security administration, management of hardware and software and also networking.


My business is special because I take into account my clients needs and make sure to give the best services available. It is a sole proprietorship and as such I am responsible for all my debts.

Question 3.

I am suitable to run a business because I have done research on what it entails to run a business and believe I have the knowledge required to run the business.


Question 1.

My products and services include computers and information technology services. Customers expected to but these goods and services include other businesses looking to set up their administration, to buy computers for use in offices or looking to set up internet services.

Question 2.

Individuals looking to purchase laptops and computers can get what they need from Hind systems as we have different types of varieties ranging from computers for working class category to student laptops (Bloomfield 2008 p.433). IT services can also be offered to any type of enterprise looking to have networking done for them and also individuals looking to have their computers fixed or have software installed for their use at very pocket friendly prices. We have gadgets for men women and children where people can pick what they like and have the gadgets personalized according to their likes.


Bloomfield, R.J., 2008. Accounting as the language of business. Accounting Horizons22(4), pp.433-436.