Heath assessment booklet 2 Essay Example

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Task 2: Health review

  1. Harmful equipment for children

  • Knife – is a sharp object mostly dangerous for children

  • Rugs and shampooed spread on the floor since babies and toddler spent much of their time on the floor

  • Electrical gadgets and outlets should be well fixed in the house and placed in strategic locations

  • Padded corners are on all furniture that a child might encounter

  • Cabinet and latches drawers in kitchens should have safety

  1. When an employee detects an harmful equipment in an organization, he or she should report to the head of security of the organization.

  • Ensure that equipment’s and gadgets are in their right place

  • Ensure that the equipment’s are continuously dusted to remove dust and also the floors are kept clean through moping

  • Ensure that the lights are the right once and the room music is the correct one

  • Make a duty roster and the cleaning objectives

  • With these, steps, the cleanliness will be maintained always

  1. Causes of allergic reactions are

  • Bacteria

  1. Reactions which might occur include

  • Coughing

  • Wheezing

  • Body swelling

  • Nose bleeding

  1. Trigger for Asthmatic

  • Dust mites

  • Cockroaches

  • Viral infection

  1. Signs of mild Asthma

  • Shortness of breath

  • Wheezing

  • Chest tightness, pain or pressure

Q5 Environmental control measures to help in controlling triggers of allergies mentioned above will be of great important to help him control the alleged symptoms. Immunotherapy may also help in controlling the coughing and wheezing

  • Through Seminars and

  • Expert forums

  1. With Parents

  • Through publication

  • Carrying out awareness campaign

  1. With Children’s

  • Organizing meeting with children and parents concerning the main causes of allergies

  • Incorporating the discussion in the school syllabus

  • Initiating a talk and conversation with students

  1. With children

  • Organizing Debates and discussion on the topic among students

  • Noticeboard writing on the information about the topic

  • Sharing it before lessons in classes

  • School magazines

  1. To Parents

  • Through radio and TV programs

  • Billboards Advertisement

  • Gazettes, news papers and campaign awareness

  • Proper clothing

  • Children are mostly in door

  • Use of umbrellas

Q 9 Information to be Asked

  • Name of the parents

  • Class/Stage

  • Where he/she comes from



Give details to explain your decision

Educators are patting some children to sleep and using soothing voices. Children are offered their comfort items (i.e. teddy) Relaxation music is playing softly.

Because it is rest time

Two children do not sleep. They are told to “be quiet, stop touching the books and lie still”

They should be given time to play out

Playing make their minds active and relaxing

A child is dressed in jeans and a jumper, has a red flushed face and is sweating a lot

Remove jumper and dress the child

there is need to obey whether in terms of dressing and keep the children fresh

A child’s bed is blocking the fire exit doorway

Fire exit door should be left free for accident control

Educators write details about each child’s rest and/or sleep in the child’s family communication books daily and speak with parents at pick up time

For preparation and taking of stock

  1. Cleaning and sanitizing

  2. Waste disposal

Exclusion period/conditions

Diarrhoea and vomiting (gastroenteritis)

Hand, foot & mouth disease


  1. Accident and health hazard document which will be used to report the incident, time of happening and the first aid procedure used.

  2. First the educator should ensure that the parents are well composed and ensure that they are psychologically prepared to receive the information after that is when he or she start explaining the details of incidents starting with the most normal to the most upsetting story

  3. Start by reporting to the head of department then to the management

  4. Removing them from the scene and diverting their attention to the most enjoyable play or activity

  5. By booking appointment with him then giving detailed information on the happening

  1. 200 grams

  1. Rice is inappropriate and should be replaced with eggs since rice contain mainly starch

  2. Eggs this should be replaced with fish or beans since both contains proteins

  3. Fish, peanut and spinach

  4. should include milk and porridge since twelve months old mostly can take liquid food than solid foods

  5. Meat, Irish potatoes these should be replaced by Milk, eggs and green vegetables since meat is not recommended for healthy lifestyle but second set of food items which are suggested alternatives are good for health.