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Healthy Life

Healthy Life


The following discussion is based on a research by Dan Buettner titled “The Blue Zones Solution: The Revolutionary Plan to Eat and Live Your Way to Lifelong Health” which generally looks at the secrets to a long and healthy living. The term “Blue zone” is used to refer to areas where people have the longest life spans. The author mentions an area in Greece called Ikaria whose population survives for eight years longer than the average person. The diet here is mostly beans and potatoes but the highlight is some weeds used as greens, food linked to healthy aging. Another area was Okinawa, Japan where apart from a healthy diet, ranging from sweet potatoes to turmeric and minimum fish consumption is a unique support system called ‘moai’ which ensures networking and moral support. This has been credited as a secret to longevity in this area.

Buttner observes that beans; a plant based protein is a common factor as opposed to a majority of Americans who opt for animal products moreover, use of fast foods in the U.S is linked to poor health and diseases like cancer thus, a higher mortality rate. The research highlights a healthy diet, a good social network, a clear life purpose, and a good neighborhood as the secrets to healthy living.


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