Healthy diet for overseas students Essay Example


Healthy Diet For Overseas Students

Healthy Diet For Overseas Students


This study aims at showing how the eating habits during breakfast are not healthy to overseas students. The research goes as far as introducing figures that show how much breakfast is not considered an essential component for the students’ diet. The research was carried out among overseas students from China, Australia, Vietnamese, India, Iran and the Middle East. The study was conducted amongst males and females alike. The research contains an introduction methodology figures, result/discussions and a conclusion. This research seeks to show how overseas students in America are not serious concerning the issue of breakfast. The paper gives recommendations that if implemented would help in educating the importance of a good meal in the morning (Ya-Li Huang et al 1994, p.1143).


It is a proven fact that the most critical meal of the day is breakfast. The link between performing well in school and breakfast, which is the first meal of the day, has already been established. Breakfast is one of the most essential meals before starting any day. Breakfast is meant to have the basic nutrients that are found in food in order to give one the strength to start of a new task of the day. Basic nutrients are proteins, vitamins and fat to some degree. However, the research done shows that most oversees student do not have a powerful breakfast. This has reflected on their performance both in and out of class. According to Sweeney and Horishita, the need for a nutritious and healthy breakfast does not end while one is past adolescence. He clearly states that breakfast is essential to everybody whether young or old (Sweeney & Horishita, 2005, p.100).

The extensive research that was carried out shows that many overseas students do not have a healthy breakfast. According Phillips, most overseas students lack the basic understanding of how far an appetizing meal in the morning would go. They explain that most students only eat when they are hungry and often disregard the content of their meals. The findings in this article will go long ways to show that oversees students are the most affected bunch of all collage students. A humans body is known to adjust with the kind of food one takes, however, adjusting does not mean that it gets healthy. What the body does is it adapts and works with the conditions set for it. For instance, lack of breakfast will see the body adjust to it but will then live the body weak, and one will not e able to fulfill his daily work routine. According to the data survey, breakfast was skipped by collage students’ especially overseas students (Phillips, 2005, p.15).


The results in this study showed that toast was the most desired for breakfast. Twenty-five percent of the people who participated in the research by filling out the questioners had toast, which is made out of yeast for breakfast. Though bread is commonly believed to be the best food for breakfast, it does not have the needed qualities of a good breakfast. According to the research carried out, about 16 percent eat fruits while 15 percent had cereals for breakfast. However, the results from the research carried out have proven that fruits are extremely beneficial for the body (Phillips, 2005, p.17). However, they should not be the main source of food especially breakfast. This is because fruits are absolved into the body exceeding first and the energy they give the body get used up in an extraordinarily high rate. The body needs something strong to hold on to the stomach. However, the research is not refuting that fruits are essential elements in breakfast rather the research is pointing out that fruits though essential components in breakfast are not alone enough to be termed as healthy breakfast (Ya-Li Huang et al 1994, p.1144).

Though not yet confirmed, most nutritionists refer to cereals as junk food. However, it has constantly been argued whether cereal has the proper and needed components for the body. The study conducted pointed out that most people did not have constant breakfast. In fact, the study showed that almost 15% of the people who filled the questioners did not take breakfast at all. Lack of breakfast means that the 15% deficit a highly essential meal resulting in an unhealthy and unbalanced diet. The result showed that only 7% of the students had breakfast on an everyday basis. Loosely translated this means that almost 93% of the students did not have the proper diet in their everyday meal. The results showed that students who ate breakfast mostly ate it at around seven and 8am. Although there is no specified time of eating breakfast, research, according to national data survey has showed that people who take breakfast at around nine and 10 am have more energy to handle the task (Sweeney & Horishita, 2005, p.101).

This is because of the time factor involved. By taking breakfast at 10am, the body would be at a constant energy supply because one will be eating lunch two years later. It will also help eliminate the need to eat junk food in between meals. While preparing breakfast was not as time consuming as the other meals of the day, 39% still said that they had no time to prepare breakfast. This means that most overseas students work hard or are generally tired to prepare breakfast. However, this can be attributed to the lack of knowledge of how valuable a breakfast is. Thirty percent of the students interviewed said that they do not know the importance of breakfast while seven percent considered it less valuable. This figures show the lack of information that students especially from outside countries have. Milk is an extremely vital component in breakfast. The research shows that only 42% of the students drank milk while the rest drank either water, juice or nothing. The results of this study shows how many overseas students do not or ignore the fact that breakfast is highly essential for their diet and health in general (Ya-Li Huang et al 1994, p.1147).


The research was conducted amongst overseas students. The research showed just how much breakfast was not considered to be of vital importance amongst students. It is concluded from this study that health and nutrition studies have to be introduced to especially to the overseas students to help them understand the importance of breakfast. The significance of having a robust and balance breakfast on an everyday go far to even helping students to concentrate in class. Without this knowledge, one will not be able to know how beneficial breakfast is to human beings. Overseas students are mostly affected by the lack of nutrition education. The research has showed how paramount it is for this kind of study to be introduced (Sweeney & Horishita, 2005, p.103).


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