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Healthy and long life

A long and a healthy life is the ultimate dream of every person. People in different parts of the world have a different life expectancy. In 2012, Dan Buettner who is the author of the article Blue Zones Solution: The Revolutionary Plan to Eat and Live Your Way To Lifelong Health, toured to different parts of the world to what he termed as ‘The Blue Zones’ to find out and understand why life expectancy is high in some regions. The Blue Zone is a term used in his work to describe parts of the world where people’s life expectancy is very high and with low mortality at middle age. His project took him to Japan, Greece, Nicaragua and other parts (Worrall. S, 2015). Speaking from Minneapolis, Dan Buettner explains:

People eating a proper diet have a high life expectancy. Elaborate

Eating a balanced diet is the key to a long and healthy life. People living in Ikaria eat a different food compared to people living in other parts. Potatoes and beans dominate their daily diet. They also consume ‘horta’ a green that facilitates healthy aging by boosting the body immunity. They use it in different ways like making pies or steam it to make cakes. In Japan, a community known as Okinawa have diet dominated by plants. They consume tofu a known plant and rarely eat fish. Sweet potatoes and turmeric are highly fed to provide complex carbohydrates. Turmeric helps to reduce the rate of getting cancer and heart diseases (Dan. B, 2015).

What is “moai” among the Okinawans?

Loneliness can reduce a life expectancy by eight years compared to a life expectancy of those who engage and connect with other people. Okinawans have the moais, a social network where the senior women support each other by sharing experiences and solving problems among them. In conclusion, a good diet promotes a healthy and long life. Eating plant-based diet is advisable as it supplies complex carbohydrates and boosts body immunity to keep off menace like cancer and heart diseases, which cause death hence a reduced life expectancy.


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