HEALTH CARE Essay Example

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Health Care

The area of choice was health care that has a broad coverage and deals with a lot of people. The sector comprises of staff, subordinate and patients, hence making the selecting to be based on the operation that it handles (Liberati, A. et al. 2009). The procedures involved in the health sector are medical, goods and services provided by a team of either doctors or nurses. Specific section that the discussion is going to focus is a hospital. Clients that hospital deals with family and the patients.

With the help of access to the internet to almost everyone in Australia, there is much business that can be established (Ewing, S. & Thomas, J. 2010). One of the businesses that are the online doctors who help patients at a small fee. The doctors create a website and patients post the problems that are affecting them and a solution given. The doctor prescribes the medication intended for the patients. The method is favoured by quite some clients since they do not have to go to the hospitals.

Comparing of the two they share a common language, and there are some traditions followed. The language used cannot help consumers because in the first place they do not understand a word that is being said. Therefore they are communication barrier which makes the market to be driven by the specialist in the field. This is caused since medical people uses a language that is not understood by an ordinary person. Hence when selling the products they can exaggerate and end up dictating. Language is vital in any culture, and since it is one-sided, the benefits fall on one side. Prices can be manipulated even if the product is not worth that value (Junxue, J. & Qingwang, G. 2010). Another is the level of the need of the clients once they are visiting hospital they need treatment. The situation is critical, and therefore one offering the product manipulate forcing the consumer to face value posted.


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