Hallmark event

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Hallmark Event

Question one

When the Roswell UFO festival was announced, it was clear according to some individuals that it will be able to boast the net revenues of the tourism industry. Additionally, there have also been some articles that have been written about the fact that Roswell UFO festival serves to bring dollars to Roswell tourism industry. However, some people have wondered how exactly this festival will be able to improve the net revenues of the tourism industry most especially given the fact that for the UFO festival to be a success, it needs high level of investment as far as capital is concerned. In other words, Roswell City invests high level of capital and resources annually in order to make the festival a success with a hope and assumption that the high number of UFO enthusiasts globally will be willing and able to attend the festival which will amount to approximately 10000 individuals travelling in from around the globe. In simple terms, in so doing, the Roswell UFO festival is able to improve the level of Roswell’s tourism income because it plays a very crucial role in ensuring that people around the globe are attracted to the city through its marketing alien-themed strategy by the business community and Roswell City at large.

Some people have reservations about the UFO festival because it is argued that the entire myths story behind it has numerous holes. Additionally, the UFO festival debate among many seems endless most especially because there has been no conclusive evidence of any alien like feature in the events that happened in 1947 which made the entire news nothing less than a footnote in the global history. Besides, the interviews conducted later by Friedman produced many conspiracy doubts and opinions which have made so many people to be more reserved about the UFO festival. However, the debate seems to have no end because there are so many other individuals who believe that the UFO festival myths still lives on hence making so many tourists around the world to visit Roswell city annually.

Question 2

The events portfolio is universally acknowledged as a collection of a number of events that are basically the responsibility of the operating business organization like a company, government department or authority. Additionally, it can at times be called the events calendar or the events program. For instance, a multinational company may have seminars, conferences, incentive events, workshops, awards nights, family days, sales meetings and related events. A small city on the other end may welcome festivals community gatherings, sports events and conferences whereas a tourism authority may be able to fund sports events, festivals agricultural exhibitions and business events. Additionally, an extensive festival may be able to offer training sessions, workshops, and seminars, fundraising dinners, public relations events, new holding companies and employee events. The structure and the outline of an event portfolio are as shown below in figure 1 below.

hallmark event

Figure 1: the structure of an event portfolio (Source: web images)

An events portfolio is very important because it basically means that a company or an organization is in a position to understand the long-term benefits and costs of any proposed events. In other words, this basically means that some proposed events may need to happen in a number of occasions for them to make positive returns in the long run on what was actually invested in it. In simple terms, events portfolio is one way that a company can manage its assets to events development. Besides, in some companies or organizations, the assets of the events may be in-house or outsourced .Therefore, it is paramount that each and every organization needs to have the right plan for their events portfolio, the right development, devolution and support as part of the events strategy.

Question 3

Spectacular light shows that are witnessed during White Night events have lit up so many cities’ CBD into what so many classify as a wonderland that is so colorful with approximately over fifty-thousand individuals expected to park the CBD of the city. Additionally, it is believed that, the White Night aspect commenced when an individual flicked on the lights which triggered people’s fascination with illumination ever since. Moreover, the lure of illuminating lights has since remained firm across all faiths. One way that the White Nights is helping to develop and mold the modern forms of business is the fact that it has presented all forms of artworks right from dance circus to sculptures but above all of this, are the ones that transform the daily happenings with lights. The ability of the White nights to transform into something new temporarily is one of the ways in which the White Nights are a phenomenon in the modern day cities. In other words, in so doing, the work that the illuminating lights establish is believed or rather acknowledged as being less important as the space that the light or individuals are projected into. As a result, these results into a real city balance between the CBD site and the state of art brought about by the White Night influence. Moreover, the White nights give the city a chance and an opportunity to reinvent in a very imaginative and creative manner.

White Nights are important to an individual living around that particular city in which they are occurring since they give an individual a chance to practice their artistry abilities and presentation ability through social media platforms. As a result, it offers the city a one-year transformation of their urban landscape and life and in the process; it has established itself as one of the most adored phenomena in the modern day city. In short, the fun and adventure that comes with the White Night are one of the reasons why it is embraced in the modern day cities.

Question four

The Gold Coast is basically one of the most prominent premier holiday destinations in Australia. Additionally, it is very well-known when it comes to its beaches, theme parks, surf, nightlife, shopping and hinterland and because of that, it has been attracting a high population of the Australians families for quite some time now. Moreover, because the Gold Coast is highly famous for its climate, lifestyle and attractive environment and its economy is very dominated by tourism activities, then it is wise to argue that the most suitable events that are fitting this image are basically sports events, festivals agricultural exhibitions, skiing, site seeing and business events

Gold coast associates itself with the Bleach festivals because the bleach festival will market its image further since it illuminates, beams, reflects and interlinks the art with the society and in the process, it will help change the perceptions that most people have been having on the beach. In other words, with well-constructed, innovative, sophisticated and contemporary events at the beach, the Gold Coast believes that the Beach festival will play a very crucial role in improving the tourism income through music, dance, outdoor events and visual arts. Besides, the festival will shine and illuminate a new light on Gold Coasts creativity and culture by ensuring that it is presented in a very unique and new way and to new audiences that emanate from around the globe and locally as well. Through its utilization of the Gold coast’s landscape, environment and climate, the Beach Festival is universally acknowledged as a new platform curated to ensure that the community participates and develops a sense of ownership and in the process makes Gold Coast to play a leading role in the world’s tourism industry.

Question 5

In the some rural communities such as those find in Minnesota, there are a number of festivals that occur. Some of these festivals include Syttende Mai, Cinco de Mayo among others. Additionally, all these occurrences are believed to form part and parcel of what makes up Minnesota as a city and a very adventurous place for an individual to live. Apart from the fun, the high numbers of festivals that are set up provide a range of social, economic and environment benefits to the rural community as a whole. The advantages and the benefits realized at the rural community level can be said to be close to that of the tourism industry in general since tourism has the chance to harmonize and make the
community members
have a feeling of belonging and in the process restore some pride in their history. Additionally, the rural festivals attract visitors in the community and in the process stimulate the
growth of business in that rural community. Furthermore, the social befits of hosting festivals in rural communities are less visible but they are acknowledged as very crucial. In simple terms, rural festivals foster community pride, strengthen community relationships and teach the rural community new things. There is a cost advantage associated with hosting festivals in rural communities as compared to the urban communities because festivals in urban areas require hiring a star performer, conspicuous stage and in the process, some of the star performers may not be able to show up. Besides, in a community festival, most of the people that are invited are bound and guided by a common culture or they are rather homogenous in nature whereas those festivals in the city are hit by a backlash of heterogeneous culture which may result in a culture shock to some people in attendance.