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4Guerrilla Marketing


Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a concept that was developed in 1984 by Jay Conrad Levison and since then it is assumed to be a representative of non-traditional marketing approaches (Bigat 2012, p. 1023). In addition, it is a low-cost marketing strategy adopted by businesses to increase their chances of success in an aggressively competitive global market. According to Bigat (2012) its main application is in promotional strategies since it is robust in terms of power of imagination and creativity. As such, guerrilla marketing can be termed as a hybrid marketing strategy that makes use of innovative approaches, methods and materials different from the traditional form of advertising. Precisely, Paksoy and Chang refers to guerrilla marketing as an unconventional marketing strategy founded on low cost budget and reliant on energy, time and imagination (2010, p. 3586).

Based on the current trend on globalised markets, driven by ICT, there is a need for start-up and small businesses to increase their presence in order to achieve competitive advantage. For instance, a new designer, who does not have a hefty marketing budget, guerrilla marketing would be the better option since it is a low-cost strategy (Paksoy & Chang, 2010). Choosing guerrilla marketing would ensure the business maximizes profit making instead of sales. Besides, it facilitates embracing current and emerging technological platforms, for instance social media, to empower the business by combining various marketing methods. This will go in handy at scouting for new business opportunities and increase clientele base. According to McNaughton (2008), the current trend with which markets are becoming globalised, guerrilla marketing has led to the emergence of guerrilla communication. This means that businesses are making a paradigm shift by deviating from mainstream forms of communication towards convergent communication with customers between marketing, advertising and public relations. Therefore, due to being a simple, inexpensive and easy to implement marketing strategy, guerrilla marketing is and continues to be popular among small businesses and new start-ups (McNaughton, 2008).

In regard to the aforementioned concepts of guerrilla marketing, a successful example is the magnetic cups by Sonic DriveIn Restaurant (Lautenslager, 2006). The marketing stunt was created in such a way that a magnetic cup adhered to trunk of a car even when driving off. It was in such a way that people perceived the driver forgot to remove the cup from its resting position. Within a short period, the stunt succeeded due its wide publicity, and it was taken over by word-of-mouth marketing thereby rapidly spreading the restaurant’s services. In conclusion, therefore, guerrilla marketing is a powerful tool for all firms regardless of size as it pursues long-term marketing campaigns at low cost budgets.


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