Group reflection Essay Example

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Personal Reflection

I was able to benefit a lot from the group work from the group product both directly and indirectly. The project enabled me to reflect on various aspects both academically and socially. The entire process from inception to the completion of the report was so smooth and enjoyable since we were able to coordinate group activities well and the group members cooperated and adhered to the group rules and regulation.

The group was organized since we had chairperson and secretary for every sitting. The rotation of responsibility gave me chance to exercise leadership and management skill which is crucial in any organization. The responsibility leave one in dilemma when there are contradicting ideas since one need to develop a neutral position and gather facts from books and internet in order to come up with desired solution. Ability to correct other members without feeling offended is a difficult task and necessary in running and maintains a discussion where all members feel that there contribution is valued. Equality in contribution and friendly interjection on unclear ideas boost ones confidence and motivate one to contribute more. According to the nature of our group, I was able to gain confidence in expressing myself and improvement of other interpersonal skills.

The group work enabled me to learn from my members who I found being knowledgeable in diverse fields such as marketing, business law, finance and management. The platform gave us opportunity to share more information which is so crucial in perusing my career in future.

The group project was insightful since we tackled various areas in business which we have covered previously and now. The project placed me between corporate world and student since I was able to assume role of strategic manager in our ‘Company’ S&H distribution Ltd. The project required one to assume real scenario where you create and adjust strategies in respect to the real market scenario. For example, we designed operation of the business taking consideration of the present shoes manufacturers, channels of distribution and franchises. The assumption of the role enabled me to gauge my ability to make sound strategic decision without fearing to make losses since it is not real strategy. I was able to obtain feedback from my friends who gauged my ability to act as operation manager an area we did with my colleague.

The areas I gained more knowledge during the preparation of the project are on market entry of the business into a new market. I was able to learn various theories such as porter’s strategy and product life cycle. The group provided an avenue to learn about organization behavior which vital in managing human resource in corporate world.

In conclusion, I was able to gain a lot which will help me in future to carryout strategic and operation task given by my seniors or in my own business. In addition, social skills learned in the group will plays vital role in interacting with my workmates and employees in future. The experience was amazing and we are hoping to carryout real business in the near future with the group members.