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2Group Reflection

Group Reflection

Reflect on your group posts learning – What have you achieved? Have you met your goals set at the beginning of this course?

The group posts learning were very effective since they helped me in learning a number of new concepts and gain ample knowledge of the different areas that the learning entailed. My learning was enhanced by the research that we carried out and the presentation of our work in groups this helped me in having clear and concise understanding of the topic since I was able to view and related concepts from various authors. At the beginning of the course my core aim was to gain more knowledge and offer support to other students in understanding concepts that I understood well. I actually achieved these goals through the groups since we had a chance to interact and explain concepts to other group members and they also did so this lead to better understanding of the topics by all the members.

Reflect on your individual posts learning at a personal level – Have you met your learning achievement levels and goals set at the beginning of this term?

At an individual level I strongly believe that I did my best despite the wide range of content that we were supposed to cover I managed by allocating more time to my studies since I had otter courses to cover and I was also able to beat the deadlines. Through the additional time I allocated to the course I gained a lot of knowledge in regard to IT and IS systems and how they are applied in businesses and their benefits. Despite this, it seems that there is a lot of learning that I need to do since the course was offered in only one semester it did not cover all the concepts and a gap was still left. I intend to further my knowledge in reading more on the topic.

Have you formed a strong learning network? If NOT, then why do you think it turned out that way?

I believe that we formed a strong leaning network as the semesters progressed. We would meet once a week and prepare for the group presentations in advance. This was an essential part since we already knew what to present and this eased our work. The group shared similar goals of such as allocating and offering the best to the group work to ensure its eventual success and this helped a lot in the creation of a strong network since every one worked to the achievement of the goal.

Do you think student friendships and learning help you achieve a better learning experience?

To a great extent I tend to agree with the statement that student friendships and learning play an essential role in achieving a better learning experience. We mainly formed our groups based on classmates who we had relationship with in the previous semester. By doing so, of communicating in the groups was easier and on point. By forming such groups, we were comfortable with each other and thus no one feared expressing their ideas or sharing for fear of being ridiculed since as a group we encouraged the sharing of idea and did not condone people criticizing in a negative way for their ideas.