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The Essay Report on White Ribbon

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Executive Summary

Campaign on white ribbon has been practice over the past till the 21st century where it is still an issue. The gender discrimination has been a problem that many individuals are trying to solve to end the domestic and family conflicts. The primary aim of the group research was to find out the problems related to this gender disparity. The problem has been realized to spread in about over 67 countries in the world whereby the women sex have been facing challenges in getting representation in various institutions. The problems as stated by the research members that carried out the extensive observation, interviews and statistical study of the previous findings of organizations on gender representation around the world. (Minerson 2011) From the study of these human rights that is being fought for to end the violence of women the group came up with a slogan, “the time has come to end gender disparity and transform the formal society”.


The women generation is part of every society and the love they need like any other human being in the current called for community effort in realizing their dreams in the social, economic and technological environment. The study aims to solve the social, psychological and political harassment of women and girl in our midst. The compelling force in this study is to bring this to an end.

Background Information

Violence on women gender has been facing the challenge the entire globe until the rational societies tried to bring this discrimination to an end. The Beijing platform became in the lead in fighting this difference, in the year 1995 they formed 4th World Conference on Women discrimination. The meeting has been of importance in stopping this brutal practice that has exercised in schools, streets, homes, government service and different organization. The findings brought by the group when was analyzed it was evident that more than 60% of the privileged gender was men, but the women got little attention. The result is a certain assurance that the violence is practiced by all races, age, cultures, and geographical backgrounds. The problem has been noticed to affect the women gender psychologically, economic contribution and social representation of the female gender. The main agenda of the study is to motivate men genders who are the victims to be blamed for fighting for the women and girl right to ensure that this violence managed. (Gurumurthy, 2006) The main driving force for this study is to make sure that there are peace, equality and general transformation of development in the society.

Problems in White Ribbon Campaign

The primary issues that the campaign tries to solve in the society on violence to women are as follows:

  • Education and job victimization of women gender.

  • Economic involvement of women and girls

  • Cultural discrimination

  • Political biases

The identified problems are the primary factors that have contributed majorly to the neglect of the girl child in developing and participating in community activities (Lyons, 2007). The campaign by Dr. Anastasia Powell in her writing “sex, power and consent” tries to inspire to build in women generation in making the world as one way of reducing interdependence. Anastasia mission was to change the culture of the people by initiating the unwritten rule that should end the problem.

Campaign Objective

  • To stop mental ill health of women. Most of the women in Australia get mental harassment and torture due to discrimination by fellow workmates at work.

  • Reduce domestic and family violence. The intimidation of women in the society has contributed significantly to community conflicts

  • In the improvement of women education.

  • To improve the economy of the nation and the world by reducing sexual conflict.

The campaign on sexual abuse of human rights basing on gender bias is becoming an activist in our society since it calls for contribution of every individual even if not educated to assist in changing our attitude to women

Problems Addressed by White Ribbon Campaign

The sexual discrimination led to the formation of rules that govern the women gender hence improving their recognition of society contributions. (Baggs, 2005) There have been series of campaign policies like in the year 2010 the Australian system that men have a role in ending the violence to women. In the year 2013 the policy on expanding the role of women in the workplace, equality and preventing the men from discriminating the women embraced in fighting the right of women in Australia. The similar program in Swiss was formed in the year 2009 where an organization Women’s World Summit Foundation participated in a significant campaign in involving men and boys in fighting violence against women.

The white policy as from the study has been gaining popularity in the current generation as seen in Australia where they have secured an education, work, and economic participation in marketing and business ownership and respect in family conflicts. (Rose, 2014) The study found out the most family deaths was due to sexual discrimination where the spouses killed each other due to violence.

The sexual abuse as per the research carried out during the study period gave out the limitation that the practice has to the economy and mental torture of women and girl. The scholars Vanessa Swan who worked as rape and assault officer for ten years and later worked as national consultant for females violence and children rights abuse have contributed to the success of women representation in the current society (Brown, 2009). The campaign is of value is improving the economy especially that it was found places that women violence practiced has done a little in developing its economic performance. The workplace accreditation in Australia has been one of the fields that have gained popularity especially in the year 2013 where 27 fundraisings done to raise the white ribbon campaign. The same year awards were given out in Australia to encourage the companies in participating in partner’s prevention awards. The contribution of industries I fostering the white ribbon campaign has solved a lot of problems in the societies until it was found that the percentage improvement annually was over 7%.

In conclusion, the white ribbon campaign is one of the projects that need to fund to build the current economy. The violence on a female is a mutual responsibility to be undertaken by even men to improve mental ill health and emotion and psychological disturbance. The activity will help in building the nation.


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The figure expresses the men role in fighting for women rights in campaign in white ribbon in Australia.

group assignment

The below is an image for men at work earing the white ribbon exercise and campaign for equal representation of all genders at work. They are ambassadors of violence on female gender.

group assignment  1group assignment  2